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Eye Candy for Today: JMW Turner etching and mezzotint

The Woman and Tambourine (Liber Studiorum, part I, plate 3), Joseph Mallord William Turner and Charles Turner, etching and mezzotint, roughly 7 x 11″ (21 x 29 cm). In the collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art This was one of the prints Turner created for a 70 plate “book of studies”, he published in the early 19th century. It was the practice...

Henry Justice Ford

Henry Justice Ford (AKA Henry J. Ford or H. J. Ford) was a popular British illustrator active in the late 19th and early 20 centuries. Ford’s primary medium was pen and ink, but he also worked in watercolor. Though his skill in those mediums may not have been quite as refind as that of some of his contemporaries, he was nontheless imaginative and...

Eye Candy for Today: Martin Rico scene of Venice

A Venetian canal with gondolas, Santa Maria Della Salute beyond, Martín Rico y Ortega; oil on canvas, roughly 17 x 28 in. (43 x 70 cm). Link is to a previous auction on Christie’s (large image here). I don’t know the currnet location of the original. One of many beautiful images of Venice by 19th century Spanish painter Martín Rico y Ortega  

Alex Venezia

Alex Venezia is a contemporaty American painter based in North Carolina. His work is largely figurative, often featuring portrayals of young women in apparent states of worry or emotional distress. What particularly strikes me about venezia’s work is his use of value. His subtle and carefully balanced value relationships remind me of 19th century painters...

Eye Candy for Today: Jan Bogaerts landscape

Bridge in the garden of Versailles, Jan Bogaerts, oil on canvas, roughly 16 x 24 inches (40 x 60 cm). Link is to previous sale page on Simonis & Buunk Fine Art Dealers. (Click on the image on their page for a larger view.) A beautifully idyllic landscape by Dutch painter Jan Bogaerts. Bogaerts, who was active in the early to mid 20th century,...

Rosie Sanders

Rosie Sanders is a contemporary botanical artists whose large scale watercolor paintings of floral and other plant subjects are also in the realm of gallery art. Though she uses the kind of painstakingly detailed watercolor technique that is not uncommon among botanical artists, I think the scale of her paintings is unusual. You can get an idea of...

Eye Candy for Today: Illustration by François Schuiten

Le panorama de Calvani, François Schuiten, illustration for Le Musée des Ombres by Schuiten & Peters A wonderful illustration by Belgian comics artist François Schuiten who is known for his striking drawings of imaginative architecture. From this page on the Alta Plana website.  

Eugen Jettel

Eugen Jettel was an Austrian landscape painter active in the late 19th century. He studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna and lived in Paris for several years, where he was part of a circle of Austrian and German artists living and working in Paris at the time. His landscapes are often of pastoral subjects, with grazing cattle, sheep and other...

Happy Leyendecker Baby New Year 2023!

As I’ve done every New Year’s Eve for the past 17 years, I’ll wish Lines and Colors readers a Happy New Year with one of J. C. Leyendecer’s New Year’s covers for the Saturday Evening Post, in this case marking the arrival of 1923. American illustrator J.C. Leyendecker first represented the new year as a baby (or occasionally a cherub) on the cover...

Eye Candy for Today: DeCamp’s Blue Mandarin Coat

The Blue Mandarin Coat (The Blue Kimono), Joseph Rodefer DeCamp, oil on canvas, roughly 43 x37 in (109 x 94 cm); link is to zoomable version on Google Art Project, original is in the High Museum, which also has a zoomable version. There is a somewhat smaller downloadable image on Wikimedia Commons.  

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