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MedCity Pivot: A Conversation About Wearable Robots with Scott Davis

Scott Davis is the CEO of Ekso Bionics, an innovative medical device company making wearable exoskeletons for use in construction but perhaps, more importantly, to help people contending with spinal cord injury. The post MedCity Pivot: A Conversation About Wearable Robots with Scott Davis appeared first on MedCity News.

Wed Mar 27, 2024 03:28
With the Rise of AI, What IP Disputes in Healthcare Are Likely to Emerge? [Sponsored]

Munck Wilson Mandala Partner Greg Howison shared his perspective on some of the legal ramifications around AI, IP, connected devices and the data they generate, in response to emailed questions.

Tue Feb 20, 2024 14:44
Technology Contributes to Clinician Burnout. Here’s How It Can Make It Better.

The next wave of Medtech innovation must deliver truly smart connected care—not only building on our progress in collecting and integrating information about a patient, such as vital signs, diagnostic results and health history—but also using software to prioritize this information, streamline care delivery and provide actionable insights.

Mon Oct 16, 2023 04:27
Invitae’s First of Its Kind Cancer Test Receives FDA Marketing Authorization

The FDA awarded marketing authorization for a new Invitae test that uses next-generation sequencing to assess multiple genes to identify variants indicating a person’s predisposition for certain cancers. The regulatory action creates a new regulatory classification making Invitae’s test the predicate device for future cancer tests.

Mon Oct 2, 2023 20:06
Newly Public Allurion Aims to Show How Med Tech Can Complement Obesity Drugs

Allurion Technologies has commercialized a gastric balloon in the form of a pill that patients swallow. But the weight loss platform from the now NYSE-listed company also includes AI-driven software that provides insights about a patient’s progress, technology with the potential for use alongside obesity drugs.

Thu Aug 3, 2023 02:38
Rigorous Data Are Key to Convince Payers, Investors in the World of Digital Therapeutics

Pear Therapeutics was once regarded as a digital therapeutics pioneer, but its spiral into bankruptcy has the industry searching for the best path forward. While some favor going direct to consumers, others say the solution is in generating more robust clinical trial data to persuade hesitant payers.

Wed Jul 26, 2023 01:57

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