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Best Laundry Settings For The Planet? – make it cold and short

How should you wash your clothes to be most eco friendly? Turns out it's on cold water in quick cycles. This not only is better for the environment in a bunch of ways but it helps your clothing last longer. And considering most fashion is fast fashion these days, those clothes need all the help they can get. continue reading

Poison Control Had A Lot Of Calls – clean safely everyone

Calls to poison control for contact with cleaning products have sky rocketed in the last few months. So good news, it seems people are cleaning but the bad news is they don't appear to know how to do it safely. continue reading

Converting CO2 Cheaper – new breakthrough in easy, cheap CO2 waste conversion

The key to a more sustainable future isn't just in producing less waste, it's finding ways to use the waste so that we do create, preferably by transforming it into new products that we can utilize. Engineers have discovered a way to give new life to waste carbon dioxide. continue reading

No More Clickbait – the internet can be better

Our online lives are pretty dominated by the clickbait. We know it but what can you do? It's everywhere! And that's a problem. It doesn't have to be that way though, behavioral scientists want to design a new, more honest internet. continue reading

Wearing Masks Helps – to prevent the spread of Covid-19

News around Covid-19 seems to change from week to week and one of those topics is mask. Should you wear them or not? The answer is yes! Research has shown that masks help to stop the spread of the virus and lower your chances of getting infected. continue reading

Green Light Gap Crossed – new research adds some viability to different type of green energy

Plants are really good at getting energy from the sun. It's kind of their whole thing. Although we can sort of copy the process, photosynthesis hasn't been seen as a viable source of energy because it cannot convert green light making it not a candidate for technical applications but that may be changing as a research team has been successful in creating...

Mini Livers Grown From Skin – new development could save lives and money

The idea of fabricated organs is the stuff of science fiction. We've all seen movies and TV shows where they grow a new organ in a lab before they take it from its vat and drop it into the waiting patient. This might be a reality before you know it. Scientists have grown a mini-liver and implanted it into rats. Neat. continue reading

Water Stress Increases – the climate crisis will make water a hot topic

It doesn't matter who you are or where you're from, you need water to live. This is true for every living being on the planet for the most part. If the climate crisis is not slowed down, then more people will be living under “water stress” and that's very bad news. continue reading

Firefox Browser Extensions – be more productive working from home

Working at home is going to be the new normal for many people. After not having offices for a months, many people are just. . . staying in their living rooms. It's great. Snack when you want on what you want, wear what you want, there's no downside. If you're working off Firefox, here's a list of cool browser extensions to make things better. ...

Terra – grow your own lawn seating this year

Sitting outside is a nice way to enjoy the weather. Take a book, chat with friends and family, or just watch the clouds. Skip the plastic lawn chairs though and grow your own with Terra, the lawn furniture you grow right from your lawn. continue reading

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