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Shutterstock AI launches – And Just Like That, The Revolution Starts

Shutterstock, the $2 billion market cap digital content company, has just announced the launch of a free AI generative art service. The announcement wasn't exactly unexpected, but even so it's going to rock the foundations of the creative arts industry to its core. It's one thing to watch small upstart companies like Stability AI and Midjourney unveil...

Brimstone – the world’s first carbon negative portland cement

[caption id="attachment_62184" align="alignnone" width="1280"] Image by F. Muhammad from Pixabay[/caption] Californian company Brimstone has announced the development of the world's first carbon negative cement product. It's a bold statement, and if true could revolutionize the global building industry and lead to a new era of carbon neutral construction. ...

Happy New Year 2023

[caption id="attachment_62167" align="alignnone" width="1280"] Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay[/caption] Happy New Year to everyone. Here's to a spectacular fresh year and lots of cake. continue reading The post Happy New Year 2023 appeared first on The Red Ferret Journal.

Pomelo – New AI System Offers Benefits For Humanitarian Relief

[caption id="attachment_62162" align="alignnone" width="1280"] Image by Gabe Raggio from Pixabay[/caption] A new system called Pomelo has been developed to estimate population densities during emergencies with unerring accuracy using artificial intelligence. The system has been designed to provide a fast and accurate mini census in times of emergency,...

Hydrogen Retrofit Reduces Diesel Engine Emissions By 85%

[caption id="attachment_62140" align="alignnone" width="885"] Image source: UNSW[/caption] A team of engineers from UNSW Sydney have successfully converted a standard diesel engine to run as a hybrid diesel hydrogen engine. The resulting hybrid reduces CO2 emissions by 85%, and increases output efficiency by around 26%.  The team, led by Professor...

EMF Radiation Blocking Hoodie Keeps You Safe. Maybe.

This EMF Radiation Blocking Hoodie from Bon Charge looks like it's just the ticket for these warm winter nights. And when we say warm, you know we're not just referring to the temperature, right? According to some very sensible people, over exposure to high levels of electromagnetic radiation can be a very not good thing. continue reading The post...

This Demo Clearly Shows Artificial Intelligence Is About To Steal Our Jobs. And Sooner Than We Think!

Twitter user 'Progen' just released a short video proudly showing Artificial Intelligence acting like a digital design assistant for some basic everyday tasks. The A.I. in question is not one entity, but three tools - two of which are open source - working together to deliver a scarily competent service to their human. continue reading

Ascend Elements – Atomic Upcycling Promises Infinite EV Battery Recycling

Most people will agree that while electric cars and renewable technology is great, a big problem is the huge amount of ugly unsustainable mining that's needed for batteries. Digging the material out of the ground is very carbon intensive, dirty and sometimes downright toxic. So anything that promises to provide a decent recycling route gets our vote....

Solein – Yet Another Impossible Food From The Minds Of Boffins

So another day, another wonderous technological development. Solein, from Finnish startup Solar Foods, is being billed as a 'nutritious protein made out of thin air'. Whoa, that's just what we need to feed the hungry billions. The marketing is extremely slick. There's lots of gorgeous shots of food, processed product and laboratory stuff, all wrapped...

Zeekr 001 – First 1000 Kilometer range EV Goes Into Production In China. Deliveries Q2 2023?

According to this report from New Atlas, the first 1000 km EV coming off the production line is going to be the Zeekr 001 in Q2 of next year. You'll remember a few weeks back we talked about the cool new CATL battery technology which is promising massive range and ridiculously short charge times? Well this is the first fruit of that development cycle....

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