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Project CAVForth – UKs first autonomous bus to accept passengers in the summer

The UK's first autonomous bus service - codenamed Project CAVForth - has completed testing without passengers and is now scheduled to run with passengers starting in two or three months time. The route will cover some 14 miles of scenic Scottish countryside near Edinburgh. Well maybe not that scenic, the bus will operate on a Park and Ride route across...

The Ultra Wide AOC AG493UCX Monitor [Review]

This super ultra wide 49-inch monitor is 5120pixels wide. Which really means you have two 2K monitors side by side. continue reading

How to build a DIY home bike generator

With fuel prices rocketing up in price, it's no wonder that many of us are looking for alternatives. Waiting times for a new EV range between six and eighteen months, and there are even reports of price gazumping on certain models. So it's great news to read that Low Tech Magazine has an article on building your own DIY home bike generator. Now the...

Solar Brick – solar panels that look like a standard brick wall

Canadian solar company Mitrex has developed a new product called Solar Brick which mimics the effect of a brick wall while delivering traditional solar panel electricity. The clever facade panels can produce 330W per panel and can be used for new builds or retrofits of older buildings. The advantages of being able to add a layer of solar cladding to...

Philips MMD 498P9Z – Next level multitasking

People who use computers do it every day: multitasking. It's something difficult, but with the right tools, it might just be fun! continue reading

Boxy – the ultimate, cash free convenience store made from recycled containers

There's no question that a lot of current carbon emissions come from private car transportation. Cut out the super short shopping trips for 'some milk and a paper', and we would dramatically cut the emissions from our suburban and country living. But it's hard to shift our habits, unless we can make local shopping so convenient that it's a no-brainer...

This $4 solar desalination system can provide clean drinking water for a family

The boffins at MIT have come up with a super low cost desalination plant which they say will deliver continuous clean water to a family. What makes it special is the fact that it doesn't get clogged up by salt residues, which means it stays operative after long periods of use without cleaning. The trick? Using a non-wick system which instead uses 2.5...

Researchers build camera the size of a grain of sand

We're a little confused. A recent report has announced a super small camera which is the size of a 'coarse' grain of salt, which sounds great. The camera, developed by Princeton and Washington Universities appears to be quite a miraculous feat of engineering. The key fact is that it's not only small, but produces images of much higher quality than previous...

AOC i1601P Portable USB-C Monitor Review

New ice phobic coating keeps snow off solar panels

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