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GM Connect & Cruise – get ready for a world of after-market EV conversion kits

EV crates are suddenly all the rage. These kits contain packaged electric motor components designed to let you upgrade/convert your old gas guzzler to a sleek new electric vehicle. Swindon Powertrain got a head start earlier with its PowerTrain set up, and the Revolt guys will happily drop a Tesla EV crate system into your cherished classic car - for...

eDumper – and you thought EVs were limited to cars and golf carts?

So you remember when we all used to laugh at electric cars? Call them glorified golf carts? Yeah well about that. Tesla clearly broke the ice with the original Sportster, but now the whole battery powered thing is moving in an entirely new direction. Heavy industrial machinery. Take for instance, this Swiss made eDumper.  The fully electric dump truck...

Infinix Zero 8 – This $220 phone is a Gaming Beast! [REVIEW]

The Infinix Zero 8 comes in at around $220 and can do everything a flagship phone can do. continue reading

eBussy – EV van car camper concept looks neat but implausible

So, another day, another EV. The latest in the flood of electric vehicle concepts is this eBussy. Not just a vehicle, mind you. More a work of art. It comes in modular form, which means it can be converted into various types of EV, ranging from a standard van, to a pick up to camper and so on. You get the picture. Ambitious right? Well so are the specs,...

Trinidad is facing an ecological disaster as derelict oil tanker with 60 million gallons of oil slowly sinks off the coast

The latest horror show involving a desperate oil industry involves an elderly oil tanker moored off the coast of Trinidad which is in imminent danger of sinking and spilling 60 million gallons of crude oil into the sea. Something needs to be done. Fast. continue reading

TreeCard – this free debit card plants trees when you shop

OK so we're not huge fans of clever marketing disguised as environmental action, but the pedigree of this new initiative seems sound. The Ecosia people - who plant trees when you use their search tools - have just released a new free debit card called TreeCard. The idea is that for every $60 you spend, they will plant a tree in your forest. It's cute,...

Maybe some good news on climate change for once?

It's not often nowadays that we hear good-ish news about climate change and the issues we face, but maybe there is some good news to share after all. Even though this last September has already been declared the hottest ever on record, none other than Professor Michael Mann has come out pitching with some optimistic news. For those who don't know Dr...

Beagle Button – helping us shop better through our browser

It's hard to be a responsible citizen nowadays. No matter how hard we try, there's always a chance that we'll buy the wrong product by selecting something which can harm the environment. Here's where the Beagle Button comes in. Rather like those coupon finding browser extensions that litter the landscape, the Beagle tool is there to help us make better...

Oceanbird – wind powered cargo vessel is a revolution in the making

The old tea clippers of the 19th century may have been slow, but they had one big advantage over modern freighters. They ran on wind. Now an enterprising Swedish company is attempting to combine modern technology with good old renewable wind energy to turn the environmental cost of shipping goods around the world on its head. The Oceanbird is a huge...

Maker Hand – this $30 prosthetic hand could turn the market upside down

It's well known that prosthetic limbs usually arm and a leg. And sure there have been attempts to bring the cost down over the years. But this new Maker Hand looks like it turn the whole market for prosthetics on its head.  The parts including filament, rubber bands etc cost around $30, and it's made on a conventional home scale 3D...

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