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Nvidia's Canvas App can Turn Doodles Into Realistic Landscapes

GaunGAN, the new AI-powered real-time painting tool from Nvidia creates stunning sceneries from the most primitive brush strokes.

Maxon Announces the Immediate Availability of Universe 4.0

The upgrade includes three new stylized tools Electrify, Texturize Motion, and Analog, Support for Metal, and 200+ new presets for Array Gun and Typographic.

EA Acquires Warner Bros. Games’ Playdemic Games Studio

The Golf Clash developers will be bought for $1.4 billion by Electronic Arts.

Feel: Make Your Unity Projects Juicier

Trigger screenshakes, animate transforms, play with sounds, and more.

Zen UV for Blender Gets a New Version

Sergey Tyapkin released another update to his UV tool for Blender.

UE5 Demo Enhanced With Effects From EmberGen

The JangaFX team decided to play with the recent UE5 demo and make it even more awesome.

Gameloft Montréal's Gameplay Director on Designing Games in Unity

Renaud Forestié explains how a team of only five people can design a mobile game in Unity in less than two weeks without sacrificing quality for the sake of increasing the speed of product development.

Adobe Announces The Substance 3D Collection

Meet the overhauled collection of the Substance suite featuring new tools.

Making a Fukushima-Inspired Abandoned Arcade

Shindy Leong shared an enormous breakdown of the Abandoned Arcade project, shared a lot of useful tutorials, and explained the workflow step-by-step.

Using the Magic of Light to Create an Atmospheric Waterfall Scene

Karim Abou Shousha explains why lighting is one of the most powerful and mysterious tools you can use to create environment art, talks about designing the Beyond the Path Scene, and discusses the possibilities of Unreal Engine 5.

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