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Framestore & HP Become Members of the Academy Software Foundation

The ASWF announced the addition of Framestore and HP as its new members and shared details about its upcoming Open Source Forum.

Ready Player Me Is Launching an Experimental Generative AI Avatar Creator

The cross-game avatar platform is launching a trial version of an avatar creator which uses AI introducing a new avatar outfit customization feature.

Stable Diffusion May "Memorize" Some Images Used for Training, a Research Found

The results of this research raise concerns about the privacy of AI image synthesis models.

Dragon Age Developer Confesses That Horse Sprint in Inquisition Only Looks Faster

We have been lied to.

Qualcomm Expects Lower Demand for Phones First Half of 2023

The company already saw an 18% drop in the past quarter.

A Deep Dive Into Substance 3D Sampler's 3D Capture Tool

Lead Product Manager at Adobe Baptiste Manteau has shared an extensive breakdown of Substance 3D Sampler's most recent release and discussed its novel photogrammetry feature 3D Capture.

Graffity On Peculiarities of Creating AR Games & Its Partnership with Qualcomm and Nreal

Graffity CEO Toshiaki Morimoto spoke about the company's mission, discussed its partnership with Qualcomm and Nreal, and detailed the peculiarities of creating and monetizing AR games.

Netflix Angers the Internet by Using AI in Its Anime

Dog and Boy suffers a backlash after the creators try to help fix the labor shortage.

Midnight Suns Director Criticized James Gunn's Plan for "Unified" DC Universe

"This would have been a nightmare for us on Midnight Suns," Jake Solomon says.

Marvel’s Wolverine Might Be M-Rated & Launched in Fall 2024

Jeff Grubb revealed some interesting details about the game.

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