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Blending African Culture and 3D with Substance 3D Tools

Don't miss Adobe's upcoming session on creating Africa-themed environments with Substance software.

Don't Miss Unreal Engine Marketplace's September Sale

Over 1,000 assets now 50% off.

Create at the Speed of Imagination With NVIDIA Studio

The arsenal of tools that keep up with creators’ imaginations.

Decal Manager for 3DS Max

Here's a little useful tool for your 3D projects.

A Free Ebook With 100 Game Design Tips And Tricks

Check out a great book by game designer Wlad Marhulets.

Nvidia Canvas App Now Supports Custom Styles

Users can now upload images to transfer styles.

Creating a Sci-Fi Corridor in 3ds Max & Unreal Engine 5

Jack Rawson shared an in-depth breakdown of the latest SCIFI Corridor - Unreal Engine 5 - "D-35" project, talked about the modeling process in 3ds Max, and thoroughly explained how to work with UE5's Lumen.

Development and Capabilities of Ragdoll Dynamics

Marcus Ottosson talked about the Ragdoll Dynamics' fantastic tool for Maya called Ragdoll, a real-time physics solver that works on transforms, discussed the development process, and explained how it helps artists.

3 Courses to Make your Artistic Skills Go Through the Roof

Today we've gathered 3 courses from world-known art schools, for artists who would like to build a career in games and cinematics. 

Mobile Developer Discusses Revenue After Going Free-To-Play

The developer of mobile games Card Crawl and Card Theif Arnold Rauers explained how making his games F2P reflected on the revenue stream.

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