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Top Google Searches (US & Worldwide)

We’ve pulled four lists from our database of 19.8 billion keywords: Before we move on to the next list of trending keywords, it’s important to understand what search volume is and how it works. Search volume Search volume shows how…Read more ›

Almost Half of GSC Clicks Go to Hidden Terms - A Study by Ahrefs

These instances of hidden terms account for 46.08% of all clicks in our study. The study includes one month of data across 146,741 websites and nearly 9 billion total clicks. Let’s dive in.  First, I want to give a big…Read more ›

Music Marketing: A Simple (But Complete) Guide

Every band, solo artist, songwriter, producer, record label, venue, and promoter should have a firm grasp of the four Ps—product, price, promotion, and place (distribution)—if they want their music to succeed. In this guide, we’ll show you how to use…Read more ›

9 Marketing Analytics Tools to Eliminate Guesswork

These days, you can’t do online marketing without digital marketing tools. Moreover, you will need multiple marketing analytics tools for multiple purposes because the ultimate all-in-one marketing tool hasn’t been invented yet. In this guide, we’ll go through nine essential marketing…Read more ›

How to Create a Content Plan in 5 Easy Steps

If you regularly create content (as you probably should), you need proper content planning to prioritize the creation based on what makes the most sense for your business at a given time. That’s because the resources required to realize content…Read more ›

How to Complete a Technical SEO Audit in 8 Steps

After years of working with clients, especially as the head of tech SEO for a U.K. agency, I’ve found technical SEO audits to be a near-daily occurrence. With that, I know how important it is, especially for newer SEOs, to…Read more ›

13 Top Digital Marketing Tools (Incl. Tips on Using Them)

In this article, we’ll go through these 13 tried and tested digital marketing tools that I’ve used and liked over the years: Ahrefs Hunter Mailchimp SparkToro Brand24 Smartlook Visualping Google Google Forms Google Analytics Google Search Console Google Sheets Google…Read more ›

How to Easily Find a Niche for Affiliate Marketing in 2022

However, what if I told you there is an easy way to find profitable affiliate niches passively without doing much (or any) extra work? Well, you’re in luck! Today, I’m going to share what makes a good affiliate niche, how…Read more ›

Is SEO Worth It? The Answer Is in This Flowchart

Here’s how it works: If the answer to both questions is “yes,” then SEO is probably worth it for you. This is because SEO increases your chance to rank high for relevant search queries and get consistent, qualified traffic that…Read more ›

How to Create an SEO-Friendly Website: The Complete Checklist

  If you want to design an SEO-friendly website or make sure that yours is like that, follow the checklist below. SEO-friendly website checklist Your website’s design and performance can impact your search rankings or even prevent your site from…Read more ›

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