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13 Free Ways to Promote Your Business

Here’s a list of tactics we’ve used at Ahrefs to grow +65% year-on-year. They’re mostly free. You can use them to promote your business too. Get listed on popular directories Blog regularly Create YouTube videos Repurpose your content on multiple…Read more ›

Core Web Vitals: Page Speed Is Now More Important for SEO

Page experience and the included Core Web Vital metrics will officially be used for ranking pages in May 2021. Source: Google The easiest way to see the metrics for your site is with the Core Web Vitals report in Google…Read more ›

How to Find Low-Competition Keywords for SEO

Does that mean you shouldn’t target competitive keywords? No. But it does mean you should pursue lower-competition keywords in the short term. In this post you’ll learn how to find low-hanging keyword opportunities in a few simple steps, and how…Read more ›

How to Write a Great Listicle Post in 10 Steps

It’s perfectly possible to write a great listicle about… well, pretty much anything. In this post, you’ll learn how to do just that. What is a listicle? Why do people like listicles? How to write a good listicle Examples of…Read more ›

9 Great Public Relations Tactics with Campaign Examples

Great PR can lift your brand awareness, build credibility, earn valuable backlinks, drive referral traffic, engage your target audience, and ultimately bring more sales. In this article, you’ll learn about these 9 PR tactics, which all include examples of PR…Read more ›

How to Find Influencers in Your Niche (6 Easy Steps)

Building your own social media empire can take years, whereas influencers already have the trust and attention of your target audience. All you have to do is pay them to show off your product or service. In this post, you’ll learn…Read more ›

25 Marketing Metrics You Should Consider Tracking

Vanity metrics don’t give you the insight you need to make good marketing decisions, leading you to pour resources into things that don’t matter for your business. It’s better to pick a small set of meaningful numbers for any channel…Read more ›

How to Start a Career in Digital Marketing (7 Steps)

I don’t have a degree in marketing—only one in psychology. Yet, I’ve been working in digital marketing for the past five years. That’s the beauty of this industry. You don’t need to be certified to work as a digital marketer.…Read more ›

Subdomain vs. Subfolder, Is One Better Than the Other for SEO?

Let’s look at why SEOs argue over this topic and how it really works. Which is best for SEO? SEO case studies Reasons for traffic differences SEOs have argued about this for as long as I can remember. Many SEOs…Read more ›

3 Types of Searches and How to Target Them in 2021

These have been around for years, and there are hundreds of blog posts talking about them. But how relevant are these three types of searches in 2021? And how exactly do you target them? In this post, we’ll dig a…Read more ›

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