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Facebook hit with another lawsuit over misrepresenting video ad metrics

You may not have heard of the high-tech company, Quirky, which filed for bankruptcy and then starting selling off its assets in 2015. You may, however, have heard of Wink, a home automation hub. Quirky was an early innovator and high flier in the home automation business, but it couldn’t survive on its own. It was forced to sell Wink as part of its...

The battle is long over: Mobile is the clear winner

We passed the tipping point in 2014. Since then, the use of mobile has exploded. If you’re still focusing on your desktop website first, you’re way behind.71% of web traffic in the United States is mobile, according to ComScore. Mobile usage is larger than desktop in almost every country. Developing nations see an even higher usage as desktop PC saw...

Adam Neumann stepping down: Softbank getting its ducks in a row?

As many had anticipated, WeWork’s CEO, Adam Neumann, is stepping down, and it could all have been about Softbank.Continue reading on Marketing And Growth Hacking »

6 SEO Strategies to Follow in 2019

The strategy utilized in today’s time by businesses is the search engine optimization strategy for ranking high in search. It has proved to be beneficial not only for online retailers but also for B2B businesses. The purpose of SEO is to rank your website higher whenever a user searches any relevant information relating to your business, products, or...

How to Choose the Best CRM for a Startup: A Step-by-step Guide

Rapidly growing startups and small businesses are struggling to streamline their daily operations. According to NetHunt research of 400+ companies worldwide, less than 40% of startups use CRM for its main purpose — to keep and manage leads and customer data. Instead, startups rely solely on Excel files, Spreadsheets or other document-based solutions....

3 Missing Elements in Your Brand Storytelling

Disclaimer: Brand storytelling can be used to fulfill multiple goals. This article is about the type of brand storytelling that helps create an awesome employer brand. Let’s go!Stories are everywhere.Even the companies that seem to lack a brand image have got stories.Their problem is that no one tells those stories.The number one problem for a company...

How to Use Live Chat Software for The Entire Buyer Journey

Live chat software has become an invaluable tool for businesses looking to begin the conversation with their leads as soon as possible.Having a rep, or even yourself, online right when a hopeful visitor has a question can dramatically reduce the sales cycle.On the other hand, live chat is also amazing at satisfying current customers concerns and problems....

Get Ready: Home Improvement Startups are Set to Surge at the Fastest Pace than ever Before

Source: UnsplashHome improvement industry is projected to grow at some fastest pace especially in more than a decade this year, this has been revealed in a report presented last year.The leading indicator of home renovation, carefully produced by an efficient and reliable Joint Center for the Harvard University, simply recommends people to spend on...

The Curse Of Introductory Content In The Digital Marketing Blogging Community

It seems like almost every digital marketer in the blogging community has run out of creativity. Instead of digging deeper into the…Continue reading on Marketing And Growth Hacking »

Why Should CEOs and Executives Invest in a Personal Brand?

The number one rule of branding applies to you as well, not just your company“Do I need a personal brand?”That’s a question I hear from executives often. My answer is always, “Well, you already have one.”If you have a LinkedIn profile or a Facebook page — and most professionals that take themselves remotely seriously have something along those lines — then...

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