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Starting the Zero-Waste Knowledge Revolution with GrowthTalk

Paving the way to personal branding and authentic content through one-on-one curated knowledge.Illustration by Icons8Written in collaboration with Maxime LagresleWe live in a world where many of the things we need to thrive — to create, innovate, collaborate, and solve problems — aren’t only learned through academic education or training.Across many...

How to WIN with LinkedIn Content Marketing?

Photo by LinkedIn Sales Navigator on UnsplashMost people see it as an ideal place job-hunting (and gig-hunting). For some, it’s a place to find the newest recruits.LinkedIn has more than 550 million users, and it’s ranked as the most trusted social network along with Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. While it’s not the largest of all social media networks,...

WhatsApp for Business: Everything You Need to Know

The secret to making an impact with any marketing is to hit two simple criteria.Continue reading on Marketing And Growth Hacking »

Write Better Today: Steal These No-Nonsense Writing Tips from 30+ Industry Experts

Five hundred years ago, doctors believed slicing a person’s arm open could cure disease. Cartographers believed California was an island. And women thought dog urine had anti-aging benefits.But beliefs change as we learn more. And practice finds better ways to improve skills.Writing is much the same.Not long ago, large sentences with heavy vocabulary...

Discourse: BULLDOG Marketing Tactics — Global Brand Dominance and the Fundamental HandShake

The birth of the beer can started at the end of Prohibition. However one of the oldest breweries, Pabst Blue Ribbon, is celebrating 175…Continue reading on Marketing And Growth Hacking »

Will Your Startup Pass The Landing Page Test?

Let’s assume you want to want to choose a project management tool.You could search Google and visit some websites from the result pages. On landing on the homepages of the websites, you have to decide which option you will pick based on how they communicate their offerings. The project management tool you would pick will possibly be the one with the...

3 Ridiculously Simple Tips For Twitter Marketing That Actually Work

Success on social media is never overnight. That’s why you never read headlines like, “broke man made $2 million off of his new Twitter account in one day.” But you do gather exciting news such as Buffer’s Product Marketer, Alfred Lua, having secured his job via Twitter.So why is the first headline a title from la-la land, but Alfred’s job news a reality?The...

How Small Business Owners Can Stay Connected to Customers During COVID-19

In light of the pandemic, how can small business owners get creative with their content and messaging to feed their customers’ needs in an…Continue reading on Marketing And Growth Hacking »

Ask Questions Like a Detective

How a framework for asking questions can help you solve your most burning customer questions.Continue reading on Marketing And Growth Hacking »

Facebook hit with another lawsuit over misrepresenting video ad metrics

You may not have heard of the high-tech company, Quirky, which filed for bankruptcy and then starting selling off its assets in 2015. You may, however, have heard of Wink, a home automation hub. Quirky was an early innovator and high flier in the home automation business, but it couldn’t survive on its own. It was forced to sell Wink as part of its...

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