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Why a Sling — Dipping My Toes In

Following on with my purse post, a sling is likely to be a smart carry accessory as ‘we’ move through the COVID and post-COVID times, and hopefully into a more health aware life. This is also a product of me having younger kids, but mostly me liking to have a lot of crap with me all the time. Generally, I have been looking to slings as a way...

Welcome to The Best of 2020

It’s time for the best items you can buy in 2020. For the past ten years I have been reviewing and testing all sorts of different gear. In this post, I am distilling down gear by categories and listing the top three items for each category. What is third for me, might be first for you. Instead of maintaining the running list I have been doing,...

Member Journal — 11/30/2020

This week: Thanksgiving recap; update on using Reminders; Best of 2020 is coming; Bag Closet; and Amazon is being shady again. You must be a member to read the rest of this article. (Already a member? Log In.)

GORUCK Black Friday Deals

Their deals are live and here are the ones that stand out to me: Rucker Starter Kit Bundle $233.75, you get a Rucker 3.0 and Ruck Plate. You’ll be looking fitter than anyone you know when you head back to seeing people again. Or something. GR1 Midnight Navy (both sizes) $169, you can’t even buy used GR1s for that price. And if you are...

Member Journal — Turkey Week 2020

This week: iPhone 12 Mini and MagSafe thoughts; my iPhone Home Screen; Notes app; Reminders instead of Things; My Kids Text Me; Remote Work Gurus; Ring Lights. Stay safe. You must be a member to read the rest of this article. (Already a member? Log In.)

GORUCK Organizers Back in Stock

Just recently GORUCK brought back three awesome organizers. First they brought back their fantastic packing cubes, but added a selection of “flat” models which I assume removes my largest complaint about the folding models from before. I ordered one of each size not test. Second they brought back Shadow Pockets, which have been missing for years...

Dango S1 Wallet

While I have many wallets, they are all geared towards a life where I might be at work, or out and about for a full day. None of them are well suited to a small few items, some cash, and flexibility. I was frustrated, so I started to look around when I came across this Dango S1 wallet. It is fantastic, here’s why… Size This is a slim...

Member Journal — 11/16/20

This week: iPhone 12 Mini; what iPhone sizes might tell us about future iPad Pros; sale items; Texas and Lockdowns; and the second coming of QVC. iPhone 12 Mini As I write the first draft of this section, I have had my iPhone 12 Mini for under 24 hours. And yet, I already can tell it’s going to be with me and make me happy for a very long...

GORUCK Black Friday Sale

On now, and more items likely added around 11/22. Some really great deals with stand outs being the midnight blue GR1 which is an absolute bargain and the seemingly ‘oops’ run of the desert sand color for MACV-1s which are among my favorite shoes out there. ¶

Benchmade Bailout

Not too long after the Bugout came out, Benchmade released the Bailout — ostensibly this is a bigger, tougher version of the Bugout. If the Bugout is the ideal knife for hiking, the Bailout — well the Bailout is just aggressive as hell. The Bailout is one of those knives I look at and know it isn’t something I will love for everyday carry, but I...

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