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I spent 60+ hours analyzing onboarding emails for 127 SaaS trials. This is how the top SaaS retain users.

“We have 0% customer churn.” – said no SaaS marketer ever. Instead, what I hear all the time is: “If only we could keep growing without churn growing with us.” “If only we could get new trials to actually USE the product, they’ll see how great it is.” And even this story someone shared on […] The post I spent 60+ hours analyzing onboarding emails for...

Wed Jan 17, 2024 19:29
The ‘Ship It’ Manifesto: How to get your content assets out of Marketing Purgatory

Where do unshipped marketing assets go when they die? We imagine a place called Marketing Purgatory. It’s a gloomy world where unused ads, landing pages and email campaigns mope around, waiting for the day they’ll finally launch. Sadly, it’s a day that will never come. Some of these assets were killed by zealous CEOs. Others […] The post The ‘Ship...

Thu Oct 12, 2023 18:43
How To Write Emails: The Conversion Copywriter’s Approach

Conversion copywriters follow a simple 3-step process to get the 'yes' in email campaigns: crafting a compelling subject line to capture attention, weaving a narrative that resonates with the reader's needs or desires in the body, and ending with a clear, irresistible call-to-action that nudges them towards a favorable response. The post How To Write...

Fri Oct 6, 2023 18:02
Simplifying User Journey vs User Flow for Newbies

Taking your first steps in UX? Welcome! In this straightforward guide, we're breaking down the concepts of 'User Journey' and 'User Flow' for you. Dive in to understand how a user journey outlines the broader experiences of your users, while a user flow zooms in on the specific actions they take on your platform. Let's simplify these essential UX elements...

Thu Oct 5, 2023 18:06
From Rookie to SaaS Copywriter Pro: A Newbie’s Blueprint

Becoming a SaaS copywriter is your ticket to being at the forefront of the tech industry, where your words have the power to turn interest into conversions. It's more than just writing. It's about understanding the pulse of the market and crafting messages that resonate with users on a personal level. You'll work with innovative brands, helping to shape...

Thu Sep 28, 2023 18:18
How to prepare for Black Friday & Cyber Monday. Hint: Focus on lead gen.

You need to prepare now for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Here are the copy projects to optimize before you finalize your Black Friday deal. The post How to prepare for Black Friday & Cyber Monday. Hint: Focus on lead gen. appeared first on Copywriting for startups and marketers.

Wed Sep 27, 2023 19:01

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