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‘Our Moloch’

I’ve linked to this 2012 essay by Garry Wills before, and, alas, I probably will again: That horror cannot be blamed just on one unhinged person. It was the sacrifice we as a culture made, and continually make, to our demonic god. We guarantee that crazed man after crazed man will have a flood of killing power readily supplied him. We...

DuckDuckGo Browser Allows Microsoft Trackers Due to Search Agreement

Lawrence Abrams, writing for Bleeping Computer: However, while performing a security audit of the DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser, security researcher Zach Edwards discovered that while the browser blocks Google and Facebook trackers, it allowed Microsoft trackers to continue running. Further tests showed that DuckDuckGo allowed trackers...

Laurene Powell Jobs on Tim Cook

Laurene Powell Jobs, in a succinct two paragraph piece, on Cook’s inclusion in Time magazine’s “100 most influential people” list: Apple is Tim Cook’s life’s work, and in this work, Tim displays mastery. Tim has demonstrated more range in his leadership of one of the world’s largest companies than any contemporary CEO. Since Apple’s...


I somehow missed this until a few weeks ago, but the New York Times has a Wordle analysis tool called WordleBot. It’s not a cheating tool, but rather a tool you load (in the same browser in which you play Wordle, so it can read the game cookies) after you complete Wordle each day. (You can also submit a screenshot of a completed game.) Because...

SwiftUI in May 2022

Michael Tsai has collected a long list of tweets and posts about the state of SwiftUI today. To pick just one, here’s a tweet from Adam Kaump: “Hey I got 90% of what I wanted really quick! Neat!”“… Oh turns out that last 10% is basically impossible, eh?”SwiftUI was introduced at WWDC 2019 (the last one held in-person). It has improved and expanded...

The Onion

Some days, and today is one, The Onion really is American’s finest news source. ★ 

Remembering Iconfactory Founder Corey Marion

The Iconfactory: Our beloved Iconfactory founder, Corey B. Marion, lost his multi-year battle with cancer this past week, he was 54. It’s difficult to put his loss into words except to say that without Corey, there would quite literally be no Iconfactory. Corey, Ged and Talos met in 1994 and we soon began a journey together that spanned...

[Sponsor] Kolide — Endpoint Security Powered by People

Kolide is a SaaS app that sends employees important, timely, and relevant security recommendations concerning their Mac, Windows, and Linux devices, right inside Slack. Kolide is perfect for organizations that want to move beyond a traditional lock-down model and move to one where employees are educated about security and device management while...

XKCD on Apple Maps

From the department of “It’s only funny because it’s true”.  ★ 

Keyboard Maestro

My thanks to Keyboard Maestro for sponsoring last week at DF. Keyboard Maestro is a Mac utility that lets you automate applications or web sites, text or images, simple or complex, on command or scheduled. Anything you can do on your Mac manually, Keyboard Maestro can almost certainly automate for you. Even if you’re just getting started,...

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