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Glenn Fleishman on Getting Started on Mastodon

Glenn Fleishman at TidBITS: You can think of Mastodon as a flotilla of boats of vastly different sizes, whereas Twitter is like being on a cruise ship the size of a continent. Some Mastodon boats might be cruise liners with as many as 50,000 passengers; others are just dinghies with a single occupant! The admin of each instance — the...

“2001: A Space Odyssey” Directed by George Lucas?

Holy hell this is absolutely amazing. (Now do Star Wars directed by Stanley Kubrick.)  ★ 


Yours truly and Ben Thompson’s podcast — two episodes per week, 15 minutes per episode. Not a minute less, not a minute more. If you’re not listening, you’re missing out. Best $5/month you’ll ever spend, trust me.Or, for a remarkable price of just $12/month or $120/year, subscribe to Stratechery Plus and get Dithering and Stratechery, Sharp Tech, Sharp...

The New York Times’s ‘Big Tech’ Jihad Has Little Room for Per-Company Nuance

Tripp Mickle, Karen Weise, and Nico Grant, writing for The New York Times in a story that seemingly didn’t need three bylines: Now chastened, many tech companies have begun the year by championing a new and unfamiliar business strategy: austerity. In recent months, several companies have said they are looking for ways to cut costs...

Report It All, See What Sticks

Mark Gurman, over the weekend in his Power On column/newsletter at Bloomberg: Apple’s first mixed-reality device, likely to be dubbed the Reality Pro, will launch this year with an immense amount of new technology, ranging from dual 4K displays to a flexible OLED screen on the front that shows a user’s eyes. I am once again reminded of...

Samsung’s Plans for XR Devices

Chris Velazco, writing for The Washington Post: Roh would not elaborate on the specifics of Samsung’s first new XR product, which will not appear at Wednesday’s launch event. “We’re getting there, but we’re not too far away,” he said. Translation: Just waiting to see what Apple launches.  ★ 

Tom Brady Retires Again, Before Dawn

Dan Lyons, Sports Illustrated: A source told Sports Illustrated’s Greg Bishop that Brady called the team around 6 a.m. ET. on Wednesday morning to inform them of his decision, two hours before he announced the decision to the rest of the world. He was weighing whether to retire until Tuesday, and had decided he would either play for...

Federico Viticci: ‘The Practicality of Art in Software’

Federico Viticci: We can’t talk about art in software in a vacuum. As a computer maker or app developer, you have to strike that balance between the aspirational and the practical, the artistic and the functional — the kind of balance that, by and large, Apple is achieving on the Mac. Unfortunately, when it comes to iPadOS, I feel...

‘Twitter Is Killing Off the Fun Bots’

Katie Notopoulos and Pranav Dixit, reporting for BuzzFeed News: Other bots are newsworthy, like @TrumpsAlert and @BigTechAlert, which tweet whenever Trump and his advisers or Big Tech CEOs, respectively, follow or unfollow a new person. Some bots are just pleasant and surprising additions to your timeline. Joe Schoech of Vermont...

Apple Q1 2023 Results

Apple Newsroom: Apple today announced financial results for its fiscal 2023 first quarter ended December 31, 2022. The Company posted quarterly revenue of $117.2 billion, down 5 percent year over year, and quarterly earnings per diluted share of $1.88. “As we all continue to navigate a challenging environment, we are proud to...

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