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MIT researchers used reverse-engineering to deal with side-channel attacks

MIT researchers utilized reverse engineering on-chip interface to investigate the viability of a side-channel attack. According to them, bad actors who want to steal sensitive data from programs running on the computer can take advantage of a processor component that connects several areas of the chip. Bad actors can launch

Artificial microswimmers can navigate similarly to natural microorganisms, thanks to AI

Artificial microswimmers that move similarly to naturally occurring swimming microorganisms have recently been the focus of some researchers. Microorganisms are all around us and are closely connected to how people live their daily lives. Microorganisms have piqued the interest of scientists ever since their discovery in the 19th century. They

Every dark cloud has a silver lining with the container as a service (CaaS)

CaaS, or containers as a service, is a subscription-based cloud service model that enables you to manage clusters, applications, and containers utilizing Web portals, APIs, and container-based virtualization. The development community has been paying close attention to the hot issue of containerization as they try to create portable application components

AI’s impact on recruitment

You probably ask, “how is artificial intelligence changing the recruiting process?” Since there are a lot of use cases for artificial intelligence in everyday life, there are almost no areas in our lives that this technology has not entered. Even from the precursors of artificial intelligence, artificial intelligence affects business. Are you

Using ML to cope with cryptojacking attempts

Cryptojacking is the illegal use of another person’s computing power to mine cryptocurrencies. One of the most crucial skills a security team may possess is the capacity to identify dangers and take action as soon as possible. The level of disruption and operational effect will be reduced the quicker they

AI and computer vision are becoming key tools for shop-and-go platforms

When Sodexo, a company that operates over 400 university dining programs, was looking for a futuristic, seamless experience to provide students in place of the usual buffet meal options, it wasn’t necessarily thinking of AI and computer vision. The only thing the corporation knew was that they wanted to build

Two sides of blockchain: Don’t decide before you know

This article explored all the disadvantages and advantages of blockchain technology. Blockchain technology has been positioned as a game-changing innovation that primarily provides security levels never previously seen. This makes it a remarkably adaptable technology, required and wanted by the IT or financial industries and all industries. Rather than...

Researchers are developing an AI pilot capable of navigating crowded airspaces

A team of researchers at Carnegie Mellon University believe they have developed the first AI pilot that enables autonomous aircraft to navigate crowded airspace. AI pilot could eventually pass the Turing Test Artificial intelligence can safely avoid collisions, predict the intent of other aircraft, track aircraft and coordinate with their

Enterprises need to improve secure service access (SSA) by adopting the latest solutions

Enterprises continue to struggle with protecting modern distributed networks, including web, SaaS, and privately hosted apps, along with resources and the devices used to access web apps, which hackers use for data breaches, ransomware, and other attacks. Most tech stacks are not made to regard web access points, human identities,

Network redundancy is the safety net of business continuity

Network redundancy ensures business continuity with backup network equipment and systems. Most organizations nowadays rely on digital information, data, or procedures to carry out their routine business activities. Network redundancy ensures that your business can still access vital processes or information when network components malfunction. A network...

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