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ETF Issuer League: JPMorgan ETFs Almost $100 Billion

Another week went by, and there was a clear standout issuer in the ETF Issuer League: JPMorgan Chase. The megabank’s ETFs added more than double the next closest issuer in net inflows with nearly $5 billion in inflows for the week. That’s almost double the net inflows taken in by Big Three player Vanguard with almost $2.4 billion in net inflows.

Mutual Fund-to-ETF Conversions: The Future in 4 Charts

By John Hyland Since its beginning almost 30 years ago the ETF industry sees a new trend or product emerge every few years. From sector funds to commodity funds to fixed income funds to active funds to thematic funds and to non-fully transparent portfolios, something new comes along like clockwork. Each innovation raises the question of if the newest...

HGER Acts as a Compelling Solution for Inflation

The era of free money, which lifted portfolios for much of the last decade, is over, and advisors will have to work harder to provide returns for clients.

As Recession Signals Grow, Turn to Risk-Managed ETFs

Yet another portent of impending recession has risen to the surface, this time from the Conference Board’s Leading Economic Indicators Index that reflected worsening economic conditions in September.

ACES and AMLP Aid Investing in the Energy Transition

The energy transition from traditional carbon-based sources, such as crude oil and coal, to renewable clean energy sources, such as wind, solar, and biofuels, will rely heavily on existing infrastructure.

Target Long Duration, High Quality Fixed Income

Bond markets are set to see an additional boost as the Federal Reserve is expected to raise interest rates by at least 25 basis points next week. Not all fixed income is made equal, and Chip Hughey, managing director of fixed income for advisory firm Truist Wealth, suggests that investors may want to consider high quality fixed income at a longer duration.

The Sharpe-r Way to Invest

As advisors continue to look for ways to reduce volatility in client portfolios, tilting toward the night is an important ­­­strategy to consider.

IRBA Demonstrates a Profits-Driven ESG ETF

ESG has had a hard last few months, that much is true. It’s gotten politicized in a way that other aspects of the asset management world haven’t, but that doesn’t mean that ESG is going away. Finding an ESG strategy with solid returns is still an important part of advisors’ jobs in modern investing, and strong interest in ESG may merit taking a look...

Improving ESG Increases Valuations: KGHG Invests

There is an increasing link between better ESG transparency and practices and a rise in company valuations, underscoring the outsized impacts that poor ESG practices will likely take in the coming years on companies. The KraneShares Global Carbon Transformation ETF (KGHG ) invests along this premise by seeking to capture companies that are actively...

Support Clients Through Inflation Anxiety

By Advisor Advocate Editorial Team Key Takeaways: According to data from the American Psychiatric Association’s (APA) Healthy Minds Monthly Poll, which included a question each month from June through December on how anxious Americans felt about a list of trending current events—4 in 5 respondents said inflation made them somewhat or very anxious2....

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