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Ryan Cohen drives a 27% drop in Bed Bath & Beyond shares by selling his entire stake 

The company's stock slumped in late trading, on top of a 20% fall in Thursday’s regular session. Read More

Singapore could overtake Australia and Hong Kong to become Asia’s millionaire capital in less than a decade

The bank's report comes as Singapore is seeing an influx of expats, money, and business. Read More

Is ice cream really healthier than a multigrain bagel? Experts say it’s more complicated than that

A new study ranks foods from 1-100 on a health scale, but experts say individual diet needs aren't taken into consideration. Read More

Elon Musk complains about his $11 billion tax bill at a Republican donor event, tells GOP to stay out of people’s sex lives

On the same day, he tweeted that he supports the “left half of the Republican Party and the right half of the Democratic Party.” Read More

Bosses giving up the return-to-office fight have found another way to win: Tracking their remote workers’ every move

Productivity is still being measured for remote workers, but now with surveillance software. Read More

How to watch Week Three of the NFL preseason live online for free—and without cable

Clear your schedule. There are a LOT of games being played. Read More

Homebuyers are suddenly backing out of purchase agreements. Here’s what sellers need to know

Nearly 63,000 home purchase agreements fell apart through July, just over 16% of homes, making it the highest percentage since the start of the pandemic. Read More

Starbucks has to rehire 7 workers it fired for trying to unionize, federal judge rules

Starbucks must reinstate the workers who led the effort to unionize their store in Memphis within five days, a federal judge ruled Thursday. Read More

California made one simple change that’s helping the teen mental health crisis. Other states should follow suit

One study of 30,000 high schoolers found that graduation rates went up from 77% to 88% when school times were pushed later, but California is the only state to make a later start time the law. Read More

Google isn’t going far enough in it its work to protect user data on abortion, employee union says

“Google can and should do better,” Alphabet Workers Union member Alejandra Beatty said in a press release announcing a petition signed by over 650 employees. Read More

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