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The 10 Categories of Password – Which One is Yours?

Latest interactive version of our Top 500 Most Popular Passwords visualisation, updated with data from recent breaches. Filterable by category. Rendered by VizSweet. » See the visualisation » Explore the data

Global #Coronavirus Vaccination Tracker

Total vaccinations, doses per 100 people, % of population inoculated now available on our live Coronavirus tracker. » See the visualisation Thanks to a great datastream at Our World in Data and sterling coding and design work from UniversLab and Neuker.

We’re Hiring: Data Fact-Checker

A freelance pair of exacting eyes to work on the final proofs of David McCandless’ latest infographic book. Hourly, flexitime, remote. Starting w/c 8th Mar. Applications close 7th Mar midnight PST. » full details

Learn a concept-driven approach to data-visualisation

We have a few seats left on our fun online intensives: » Feb 8th – USA timezone » Feb 23rd – UK/EMEA Our trainings are a technicolour mix of lecture, exercises, discussion & techniques, hosted by IIB founder and author, David McCandless. » See what participants say Learn how to approach data-visualisation and infographic creation from...

Research dump: Coronavirus & COVID19 latest science, reports, data

I’ve been trying to keep up with the firehose of COVID19 research in order to distill and visualise more infographics. But it’s proven too much to manage on top of writing a new book and launching an app. So here’s everything I’ve recently been reading and processing for data and insights. I hope to crystallise much of it in visual form soon!...

New Coronavirus COVID-19 Interactive Visuals

We’ve revised our live generative Coronavirus data-visuals and added a new Country Comparer and Hotspot Map. Great code & design work from UniversLab and Nueker. » see the visualisations » see the visualisations

How the $900 Billion Dollar US Congress Stimulus Bill Breaks Down

Not-a-bad-deal visualized. The Democrats negotiated a lot of support in there for low-income and Native populations. Trump also got $1.4bn for his wall. » see the graphic

Snake oil Supplements? Superfoods? Sports sups? Sativa?

Updated our interactive ‘bubble race’ diagrams summarising the medical efficacy of: » nutritional supplements (189) » superfoods (99) » sports performance enhancers (95) » cannabis / marijuana (68 conditions) We’ve been curating these data graphics for some years now. Focusing on health areas where evidence is scattered, or spotty, or unreliably...

New! Pre-Recorded ‘Create Impactful Infographics’ Trainings

Recordings of our sell-out infographic workshops are now available to download on-demand!

 Perfect if you missed out on a 2020 ticket, are in a far-flung timezone, or just want to learn in your own time. This is an edited, optimised version of our virtual Zoom training day: a technicolour mix of presentation, techniques & exercises on a concept-driven...

Vitamin D

The latest data & research on dose and deficiency – plus impact on COVID-19 and other diseases & disorders. It’s been 10 years since I created the Snake Oil Supplement visualisation and I’m still a little obsessed with optimising my diet. Vitamin D pops up in a lot of headlines and research. Especially recently in relation to COVID-19. Thought...

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