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2022 year in review

Every year, I write a year-in-review blog post. Here are my business/bootstrapping highlights, plus a few personal experiences.

Best affiliate programs for indie makers

A good way to generate income from your blog, podcast, email newsletter, or YouTube channel is to become an affiliate for products related to your topic. Here are some of the best affiliate programs I’ve found for different niches.

Public healthcare encourages entrepreneurship

I'm a big fan of public healthcare. I don't think I would have started a business if we hadn't had it.

How to get people to choose your product

Anything you build has to compete for attention with the other available options. If someone can just as easily buy a similar product from a more trusted brand for the same price, why would they choose you? To compete with established brands, you’ll need to figure out how to differentiate yourself in meaningful ways.

Avoid fame

Some people think they need to be Twitter famous to start a successful business. But I think fame is a trap; you should avoid it if you can.

The secret is to sell what people are already searching for

Most purchases start with a search. While some purchases are impulse-driven (like seeing something cool on Instagram and buying right away), most sales come from intent-based searches.

What's wrong with Elon?

Many of Elon Musk's supporters say: “He's not that bad." But his behavior in the last 5-6 years has been truly awful. We’re not talking about just a few mistakes.

is twitter done?

Elon took possession of Twitter on October 27. Since then, lots has happened. Many are wondering: is this going to kill Twitter?

Thoughts on Mastodon

I've been trying out Mastodon. Overall, I'm digging it. People bill it as a Twitter alternative. While there are some similarities, it's definitely its own thing.

Pessimism vs Optimism

In our society, pessimism is often equated with negativity. If someone calls you a pessimistic person it's likely they're saying you are negative, unhappy, or miserable. But is that really what it means?

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