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The Rising Importance of Value Innovation for Creating New Growth

With limited resources at hand, companies need to stay smart and efficient when it comes to investing in innovation.

Overcoming Competitive Pressures: “Making” vs. “Milking”

A fresh take on the classic theme of generic business strategies.

Not All Heroes Wear Capes. They May Just Have More Willpower

We instinctively see people with stronger self-control as more virtuous and more capable of realising good intentions.

The Pitfalls of Flaunting Your Social Status

Ditch the luxury logos if you want to be seen as a cooperative team player.

Stop Labelling Negotiations as Win-Win or Win-Lose

Too many people have an either naïve or fatalist view of these terms, which have become so misunderstood that we should perhaps even discard them.

Unfinished Business: Co-Creating Solutions With Beneficiaries

Under severe budget constraints, how can NPOs manage the trade-offs between offering variety versus serving more beneficiaries?

Creating People-Centric International Organisations With AI

The United Nations is both a fascinating playground for artificial intelligence applications and a showcase of AI implementation problems and solutions.

ENGIE: Powering the Energy Transition With Data

What does it take for a utility company to develop a data- and AI-driven software business?

Rethinking the Role of Leaders in the Creative Process

A strong vision and a more disciplined approach can actually equal more creative results.

Venture Capital Crucial to Push for ‘Ethical’ AI and Tech Standards

Venture capitalists’ role as funding source and mentor of tech start-ups makes them uniquely placed to press for more responsible use of technology.

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