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The letters page from London Review of Books Vol. 46 No. 7 (Monday 25 March 2024)

Wed Mar 27, 2024 15:30
Mike Jay: Zzzzzzz

Across the life sciences in the 19th century, sleep was generally considered to be a vestige of our deep evolutionary past with no present value. Given its obvious disadvantages so far as economic productivity is concerned, there was much speculation that modern medicine would discover a way to reduce the need for it, or even eliminate it altogether. 

Wed Mar 27, 2024 15:30
Philip Knox: At the Bodleian

In the shifting, centuries-long history of his reception, Chaucer has been read as both irreverent and pious, experimental and traditional, cosmopolitan and quintessentially English.

Wed Mar 27, 2024 15:30
T.J. Clark: Clapham in March

The island on Eagle Pond is a ruin. The trunk of a long dead treeArches in agony into the water,Not so much hollow as disemboweled.Six clumps of municipal daffodils struggle for life on...

Wed Mar 27, 2024 15:30
Hazel V. Carby: Remembering the Future

I am reminded of the first maps I saw as a child, hanging on the walls of British classrooms. Of course, the colour that occurred most often on those maps was red, not white, a difference in surface but not in substance: that red and the white on this map signal the same thing – a celebration of power and domination.

Wed Mar 27, 2024 15:30
Michael Ledger-Lomas: The Call of the Weird

It wasn’t a belief in the supernatural that marked someone out as insane, but the judgment of the authorities that this belief was held with harmful vehemence. One inmate who proclaimed himself to be Jesus was actually committed for striking a cab horse with an axe. Doctors wouldn’t call you mad if you saw the ghost of a loved one, but they might if,...

Wed Mar 27, 2024 15:30

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