Managerial Leadership Practices based on the Time Span research of Elliott Jaques.
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The Best of Intentions

“But everyone understood that we had to land the project for the team to get their bonus,” Lindsey protested. “No, you understood that. The team understood something different. If they gave it their best and worked really hard, the team would get the bonus. So, they worked really hard and gave it their best. The only person who was in position...

Fri Feb 23, 2024 12:06
But, the Team Missed the Deadline

Lindsey had a puzzled look on her face. “I don’t understand. The team missed the deadline. We lost the project. If not the team, who do we hold accountable for the result? And believe me, this was a big deal. There was a big team bonus riding on this project.” I started, slowly. “Who knew about the project first? Who had knowledge about the...

Wed Feb 21, 2024 11:30
Who Do You Hold to Account

“I don’t see it,” Lindsey grimaced. “As a company, it is certainly not our intention to pit management against team members.” “Yet, you feel a growing divide, and you are blaming the uncertainty in the economy,” I replied. “Well, yes, if it weren’t for the economy, I don’t think this would happen.” “Let’s take a look at managerial accountability....

Mon Feb 19, 2024 11:09
The Third Part of the Story

“I don’t understand,” Roger shook his head. “If Brad would just start earlier on these longer projects, things would be under control, and he wouldn’t be cutting unnecessary corners which compromise project quality.” “Why do you think he procrastinates until the end?” I asked. Roger shook his head. “Because,” I continued, “he cannot see the end...

Fri Feb 16, 2024 13:27
Overtime and Weekends

I managed to get two steps up the food chain, talking with the boss of Olivia’s boss, a senior vice president in the company. “So, how did the audit project get delayed for your ISO re-certification?” I asked. “I don’t know. You spoke with Olivia, one of our supervisors. Her manager, Brad, is really in charge of that project, it’s a Stratum III role,...

Mon Feb 12, 2024 11:48
Time Compression?

“We have an ISO process audit coming up in two months and we have to get all the documentation updated before it starts. So, that makes it a two month Time Span goal,” Olivia described. “I am not sure I understand. This is a very complex project. The documentation is very detailed and technical. It will require someone at my level to supervise,...

Fri Feb 9, 2024 12:01

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