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About the Folks Episode 4!

It’s Monday, so gather the family around the tube for About the Folks! Today we present the fourth and final episode in our 4-part docuseries on my friend John’s 1723 stone house. Having walked through bedrooms, bathrooms, the kitchen, the living room—even the attic!—we’re circling back to the first floor to talk all about the amazing dining room,...

Mon Feb 21, 2022 19:41
About the Folks Episode 3!

It’s Monday morning, and you know what that means!!! Or, wait, do you? This is still pretty new for all of us. The third episode of About the Folks is here for your viewing pleasure! In this episode we explore one of my favorite parts of any old house—the attic—and then head back downstairs to check out the living room and perhaps the most perfect...

Mon Feb 14, 2022 16:32
About the Folks Episode 2!

Hello hello! It’s another release day! About the Folks Episode 2 has arrived! What is this? Let me tell you. About the Folks is a new semi-regular series wherein I force my friends to display their homes and sparkling personalities for the entire internet. The original idea was to do this in blog posts—relying mostly on photos and a brief video segment—but...

Mon Feb 7, 2022 20:57
About the Folks Episode 1!

It’s today, it’s today! After many months of scheming and plotting and shooting and editing, Juliet and I are so excited to put this project out into the world. This is just the first of four episodes, in what I hope will be a regular series where you’ll get to know some really cool houses and the incredible owners behind them…who also happen to be...

Mon Jan 31, 2022 16:20
Introducing: About the Folks!

For years now, I’ve had this idea about doing something on my blog other than just talk about myself and whatever I’m doing. Enough about me*. Let’s dish about other people. (*I recognize I also owe you updates about me. life has been insane and I have a lot to tell you.) When I moved to Kingston in 2013, I had barely spent any time here and...

Mon Jan 24, 2022 20:53
Finding the One: My New Sofa!

This post is in partnership with Article, who generously provided the featured furniture! Remember how we all just lived through a pandemic that forced us to stay in our homes by ourselves all the time? What a time to be alive. For many people, this aspect of the pandemic was a waking nightmare or, at least, a big adjustment. For me, it wasn’t all...

Wed Jul 14, 2021 17:12

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