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New session alert! See the MarTech agenda

Are you eager to build rewarding customer relationships? Struggling to manage your martech stack? Ready to get on board with social commerce? Just-announced MarTech sessions tackle these (and more!) specific marketing challenges. Join us online, October 6-8, for three days of free tactic-rich training designed to address your marketing needs — all...

20200918 ML Brief

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Why DX is about much more than football for the Minnesota Vikings

With no preseason games due to the COVID outbreak, the 2020 NFL regular season is perhaps the most anticipated in its 100-year history. But for the NFL’s Minnesota VIkings, the 2020 offseason led to the creation of customer experiences that had just as much to do with community as catches, and just as much to do with social justice as scoring touchdowns. ...

20200921 ML Brief

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Next on MarTech Live: Where Does Marketing Automation Fit within Your Martech Stack?

On Wednesday, September 23 at 1pm EDT, MarTech Today’s, Editorial Director and host of MarTech Live, Kim Davis, will be talking with marketing automation experts about the state of marketing automation, and where it fits in the fast-evolving marketing stack. Kim’s guests will be: Helen Abramova, Marketing Technology Lead, VerizonJustin...

Taboola adopts pre-bid brand safety technology

Taboola, the content discovery and native advertising platform today announced a partnership with Intergal Ad Science (IAS) to deploy its brand safety technology within Taboola’s discovery platform. Taboola pairs a discovery capabilities, allowing publishers to place relevant content in front of a monthly audience of 1.4 billion users, with...

Affinity Answers helps brands talk to fans

Affinity Answers, the marketing data science vendor, today announced the re-branding of its AudiencePlanner tool as FanFinder360° to reflect an increased commitment to serving the media and entertainment industry. Founded in 2004 as a boot-strap start-up, the company today delivers anonymized social media-based audience insights not just...

This decade’s most important marketing question: What data rights do advertisers possess?

With Google’s latest decision to strip Search Terms data insights from advertisers (some agencies have reported around 25%-30% or more of data loss), the frustrated outcry has caused some to begin throwing around lawsuit language.  Specifically, there seem to be three main reactions to this change:  Those who believe that advertisers own...

Predictions for holiday 2020 V400.0? Be ready for anything

So many unprecedented things have happened in 2020 that I’m afraid to start listing them in case that unlocks a portal to even more horrors. And we still have four months to go, bringing with it more hurricanes, the U.S. elections, COVID-19 2.0 and – maybe most frightening of all – the holiday shopping season.  Just one of these is enough...

20200917 ML Brief

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