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What is gooning?

Have you ever put on some legendary porn and masturbated for hours, never allowing yourself to orgasm, until you went into a trancelike state and lost all sense of space and time? No? Well, you clearly haven't tried gooning.Gooning is a kind of extreme form of edging — wherein you continuously stimulate yourself for hours on end, without reaching a...

Sat Mar 9, 2024 12:31
The best alternatives to Pornhub and XVideos

Most of us are watching porn, whether or not we admit it. But aren't you tired of (or maybe even troubled by) just doing the same old thing to get off online over and over again?If you're wondering why you've become so bored by the widely accessible mainstream porn that just seems to keep doing more of the same, Pornhub and its parent company Aylo (formerly...

Fri Mar 8, 2024 19:28
Getting drunk on Simp Wine, the sex worker-made bevvy for foot fetishists

There's no greater time to be a porn fan. Sex is abundant online, with content catering to even the most obscure fantasies (for better or worse); you can get closer than ever to your favourite adult creators via sites like OnlyFans; and advances in AI mean you can now talk to literal — okay, digital — clones of porn stars. This heyday spreads beyond...

Thu Feb 29, 2024 02:32
'Hamstering' is a spicy TikTok trend people may actually be trying

TikTok has hyped up car dates, so much so that Mashable recently broke down how to have sex in a car. According to a new trend called "hamstering," though, people are taking that a step further."Hamstering" or the "thirsty hamster" on TikTok describes the sexual act of one partner with a penis going atop a car with a sun roof and a partner inside the...

Tue Feb 27, 2024 17:57
Is WhatsApp banning sex worker accounts?

Two months ago, 34-year-old Alice — who is using a pseudonym to protect her identity — needed to call her mum during work hours. She pulled up WhatsApp to make the call, but found that all her messages, contacts, images, voice notes — everything she'd stored on the app for around six years — had disappeared. In its place was an error message: "This...

Fri Feb 23, 2024 12:16
It's easy to catfish strangers on dating apps

One of the pitfalls of the later seasons of MTV's Catfish: The TV Show was the lack of any actual catfishes. When the show aired in 2012, Tinder was in its infancy, and a lot of the earlier participants of the show had begun their e-relationships through Facebook or MySpace. Online love during the aughts and early 2010s was hard and weird. And thanks...

Thu Feb 15, 2024 12:37

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