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How I Redesigned a #MakeoverMonday Visualization in 5 Steps using Tableau

Here is how I redesigned a visualization in just 5 steps.Photo by Lukas Blazek on UnsplashExplore and Assess the DataAnalyze Things to Improve in the Current VisualizationChoosing the Best Visualization Chart(s)Choosing the Data Story Type (i.e. Animated Data Story, Presentation, Dashboard)Redesigning the Visualization1. Explore and Assess the DataI...

Mercari price suggestion: kaggle competition problem

Here I will share how I solved this problem.So let’s start — -Here is the path, which I will pick and explain one by one.IntroductionBusiness ProblemMapping to ML/DL problemUnderstanding the dataFirst cut solutionEDAFeature EngineeringModellingResultsConclusions and Future WorkProfileReferencesLet’s dive in and understand each section.1. Introduction...

Rasa Advanced Deployment: Part 5(Conversation driven development)

Welcome to the 5th part of the Rasa Advanced Development Series. Here, we will talk about Conversation driven development.Conversation-Driven Development (CDD) is the process of listening to your users and using those insights to improve your AI assistant. It is the overarching best practice approach for chatbot development.Developing great AI assistants...

Rasa Advanced Deployment: Part 3(Git Connection)

Till now we learned about installing rasa in VM and scaling pods. Now let’s connect our chatbot with git so we can keep track of changes and sync rasa-x data with the git. So that rasa-x automatically updates data if it finds any changes in the master branch.Here are the steps to connect the git repo with the Rasa-x.Step 1: Fork

Steal songs from your friends on Spotify using Python

Have you ever wondered how to create a playlist of what your friends listen to on Spotify? The Spotify API and the Spotitpy python library…Continue reading on Analytics Vidhya »

GitHub….. GitKraken….. GitHUH???

**Disclaimer: This article doesn’t include anything to do with GitKraken**Continue reading on Analytics Vidhya »

Introduction to TensorFlow

In this article I will be covering the basics of TensorFlow that you need to understand before going deep into TensorFlow. The topics…Continue reading on Analytics Vidhya »

Learn R: Without the programming

Learn and Use R: Without programmingR has emerged as an influential programming tool in the world of data science. R was developed to perform complex statistical computing, thus, it enables millions of programmer to perform tasks such as: - Data Visualisation- Machine Learning / Predictive Modeling- Dashboard Reports etc.However, one of the biggest...

The CitySpire Experience

The City Spire ExperienceStarting LineMy only experience in coding outside of a single class I took in High School would be my time in Lambda School. Lambda School is a Data Science/Coding boot camp where they simulate real working environments in the industry to prepare you for a career in software engineering. During my time in Lambda School we were...

Comprehensive Guide to Python Lambda Functions

Explaining what is lambda function in python and how to use it professionally.Continue reading on Analytics Vidhya »

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