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Turning The Corner On Virtual Communication

Microsoft announces a long list of advances for Teams meetings like Together ModeContinue reading on GigaOm »

Google+ Is Dead, Long Live Google Currents

The rebranded and reformulated communication and community-cation platform for G SuiteContinue reading on GigaOm »

Work Week | Not Playing Nice

| Flattening The Curve And The World | Work Management | Autonomous | Coronavirus Economics | Augmented Reality |Photo by The New York Public Library on Unsplash:::Flattening The Curve And The WorldPandemic Offers Solution to Tech Industry’s Big Brexit Problem | Nate Lanxon talks to UK IT leaders, who say that recent experiences with distribued work...

Work Week | More Ways To Connect

| Slack Connect | Microsoft Teams | Honeycode | Apple and Hey |Photo by Pavan Trikutam on UnsplashWork ChatIntroducing Slack Connect: the future of business communication | The folks at Slack have announced Slack Connect, which picks up on the idea of shared channels allowing a company to connect with partners outside the company. With Slack Connect...

Work Week | Where Knowledge Goes To Die

| Email | Dropbox | Workboards | Automation | APIs |Photo by Adam Solomon on UnsplashEmailThe long-anticipated email solution from Basecamp has surfaced, called Hey. It seems largely motivated to avoid tracking (which co-founders David Heinemeier Hansson and Jason Fried call ‘spy pixels’).Adoption is going to be somewhat difficult since they start by...

Work Week | Transformational Pace

| Digital Transformation | Automation: Keelvar and Bryter | Tech Giants Surge |Continue reading on GigaOm »

Will Amazon Buy Slack?

The war for video meetings hots up, and Slack lines up with Amazon Chime.Continue reading on GigaOm »

Work Week | Back to the Office?

| Autonomous Vehicles | Back to the Office? | DevOps | Robots |Continue reading on GigaOm »

Prospectus | Intranets

Internal websites that help employees get stuff done.Continue reading on GigaOm »

Jumping Five Years Into The Future: Reviving Retail

A new cohort of automation is repurposing retail.Continue reading on GigaOm »

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