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Photography News: Sigma Art Lenses, Memory Card Sale

Since Libor is traveling in South America, I’m filling in for him on this week’s Photography News. In fact, I just returned from a trip myself: I was in the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone National Park, finishing our field tests of the Nikon Z9! One feature of the camera that I used extensively is the Z9’s “pre-release burst,” where the camera records...

Understanding Pen Tablets for Photography

A pen tablet, also called a graphics tablet, can serve as a great alternative to using a mouse when editing photos. With a pen tablet, you can move your cursor almost as fluidly as you would draw on a piece of paper. That said, tablets can be expensive, and they require you to adapt to a new interface. Are they worth it? In this article, I’ll be taking...

High-Key Photography Explained

Overexposure is usually considered a bad result in photography – something to be avoided at all costs. The same is true of blown-out backgrounds and overcast skies. But sometimes, this “high-key” look can be exactly what a photo needs. In this article, I will explain how to use the tool of high-key photography to your advantage to take better pictures...

SmallRig AD-01 Video Tripod + Fluid Head Review

Recently, SmallRig released a heavy-duty, inexpensive tripod called the AD-01, which ships with a fluid head. As someone who shoots both stills and video, I was very excited to try it out. However, after testing the tripod, I have some reservations. In this review, I’ll tell you what I think of SmallRig’s new tripod and whether you should consider it.

Photography News: Nikon Lens Firmware, Sony Sales

I’m writing today’s “Photography News” under unusual circumstances. At the moment, I am moving at around 900 km per hour, it’s freezing outside the window, and in front of me – somewhere in the distance beyond Atlantic – lies South America. In about six hours, I will step off the plane surrounded by snow-capped volcanoes, hear the first hummingbird...

How to Correct White Balance in Photoshop

White balance is one of the most basic and yet trickiest aspects of photography. Although the white balance you've set in-camera may look good most of the time, in other cases, you'll need to correct it in post-processing. Today, I will show you several ways to correct your white balance in Photoshop.

Haida M-10 Filter System Review

Filters – specifically ND and polarizing filters – are some of my most-used landscape and travel photography tools. For years, I predominantly used round, screw-type filters instead of a holder system because they’re small and easy to travel with. But varying lens diameters had left me with a motley assortment of filters, and in an attempt to find a...

Choosing the Best Lens for Wildlife Photography

Wildlife photography is one genre where the right lens makes a big difference, and the wrong one simply won't let you get the shot. Wild animals may not be at optimal distances and they frequently appear in challenging light. So, how can you find the best lens to overcome the challenges of wildlife photography?

Photography News: Sigma Sensor Rumor, Nikon Lens Price Raise

As photographers, do you have a dream image that you would like to capture? A photo that you have in your head and can’t make it real? Every time I finally sit on a plane, calm down and switch into travel mode, images rush through my head.

LensMaster RH-2 Gimbal Head Review

Although the weight of new cameras and telephoto lenses has mostly decreased in recent years, I still recommend using a tripod to support long lenses for wildlife photography. An essential part of any tripod kit is a good quality head. Today, I will review the LensMaster RH-2 gimbal head, which I use for wildlife photography.

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