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The Five Most Important Phases of Product Development

How to develop successful software productsContinue reading on Product Coalition »

Why Product Managers Don’t Need Domain Knowledge to be Effective

Last month I posted that Product Managers don’t need domian knowledge to be effective — and it struck a cord!Continue reading on Product Coalition »

The Incredible Power of Daily User Interviews

If you are responsible for product creation, you probably already know how critical proper user research is.Photo by LinkedIn Sales Solutions on UnsplashHowever, I believe the immense power of user interviews is still unappreciated. The most common scenario is to interview the users in an early phase of the product lifecycle to understand their needs...

Ten Web Design Mistakes Small Businesses Should Avoid

Photo by UX Store on UnsplashWeb design is a crucial part of any web-based business. According to PPCexpo, about 70–80% of people do their research online before they make a purchase decision. In fact, web design is what actually brings in potential customers. 79% of businesses with websites expect a 25% growth in 3–5 years’ time compared to 64% that...

10+ Best Live Chat Software Solutions for 2022 (Free,Paid & Open Source)

If you are looking for something more on Live Chat software, then this post is for you!Yes, Live chat software! The key that boosts your sales, marketing and customer support.In other words, a supportive hand for all kinds of businesses, from retail e-commerce to B2B software. They are the perfect tool that ensures the businesses with real-time conversion...

How Much a Sprint Costs

bulbman.artEvery Sprint Planning is an investment decision. For a two-week Scrum iteration, Product Owners invest an average amount of 26.000 € without having to justify this decision from a controlling point of view.Let’s take an average Scrum team as an example. The team size is based on the recommendation of the Scrum Guide to create a team of 10...

API Monetisation: A Comprehensive Guide (Part 1)

How your business makes money from its API is known as API monetisation and, it turns out, having a clear approach to API monetisation is essential for any API, in any situation, in any organisation.API monetisation is just as relevant to the internal technology team supporting other business units as it is to the API-first tech company like Stripe....

Product Managers Guide to API Developer Portal UX

Compass for new product managers for how to build an API developer portal | Photo by Ali Kazal on UnsplashWith APIs-as-a-Product on a rocketship since 2005, there are many elements that product managers need to master in their Developer persona user experience (Dx) to win and protect their business.API Growth to 2109 | Wendell SantosMichael Endler outlines...

Quantifying Product/Market Fit

ProductCan you tell if your product is on the right track?It’s easy to answer whether you have a product/market fit: can the revenue your customers pay for your product sustain (or even grow) your business? If the answer is yes, then congrats, you’ve likely successfully solved and monetized a problem! But how can you know whether your market-fit is...

Building a Multi-Dimensional Roadmap

When creating your roadmap, you need to consider what’s important to the company (not just to the product) and what is the best way to make progress across these multiple needs. Navigating all of it could be challenging, so here is a simple tool that will help you find your way.Photo by Skyler Ewing from PexelsMy new COO has started in early January...

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