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Using Unhangout to Host a Virtual Barcamp or Open Space

Using Unhangout to Host a Virtual BarcampTL; DR: Results of a Test of Using Unhangout to Host Virtual BarcampsLast week, 30-plus attendees of the 24th Hands-on Agile meetup ran a virtual Barcamp experiment w/ MIT’s Unhangout, an open-source platform for organizing attendee-driven virtual open space events.Read on and learn whether Unhangout is a suitable...

How to make a product work? (with a bonus section)

We launched Truepush around November and started approaching customers. It was on Jan 9th 2019, we started trending on ProductHunt…Continue reading on Product Coalition »


Is the product manager actually the intelligence officer of the company?As a child, I loved reading fiction books such as “The secret seven”, “The famous five”, “Hasamba” and such.I also loved all the Agatha Christie books and movies.As I was a curios kid (and today curious man), I used to learn and read about a variety of subjects — from history through...

The Direction of Development

​A usual two-week-long sprint. Users have posted a plethora of reviews on the Playstore and Appstore asking for a search feature. You the PM are extremely excited about delivering the much-awaited ‘search’ functionality this sprint. The story-boarding is done, the user story is ready and all the collaborators are in sync with the goal that the team...

The “All My Shit’s in There” (AMSIT) Factor — a SaaS product theory

Stickiness. There perhaps isn’t a more precious gem to the SaaS business model than the concept of Stickiness.Continue reading on Product Coalition »

Story Mapping for New Products

A way to visualize your product roadmap and align your teamOver the course of my career, I have had the pleasure of building multiple products from scratch, and have collected some strategies that help the process of building a new product and lead to a highly productive and streamlined experience for all stakeholders involved. Story mapping is one...

Let’s Remove Take-Home Assignments From the PM Interview Loop

Companies, Product Managers do not have time for your assignments.Continue reading on Product Coalition »

How to Become a Product Manager — Studying

Tips on becoming a product manager: studying about it.Continue reading on Product Coalition »

What I learnt from when our product grew from 0 to 5Bn push Notifications a Month as a Product…

An Insight of a Product Manager role when scaling a productContinue reading on Product Coalition »

Guesstimate Engineering work like how you remember people you meet in your lifetime.

Non-Technical Product Managers fuzz over estimates on development, but you just need to build muscle memory to help nail down your…Continue reading on Product Coalition »

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