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The Ten Mistakes New Product Managers Make

Did I say “new”? I think I meant to say “most”.Continue reading on Product Coalition »

On the Spectrum: What Kind of Product Manager Are You?

I know you’re guilty of pausing for a little while, and thinking, “What kind of product manager am I really?”Funke Akindele meme“I haven’t gotten a product management role yet, so you will be seeing more articles from me in the near future. Breaking into Product management is not easy but I will keep up the good work. Cheers to my fellow techies trying...

Humanise the Service Blueprint: Five Key Design Principles

Service blueprints are a wonderful visual artefact to show how an organisation delivers (or attempts to deliver) for its customers…Continue reading on Product Coalition »

How Product Managers Can Impact A Company’s North Star

As a product manager, it’s fascinating to start working on user problems. However, spend time and answer why this problem…Continue reading on Product Coalition »

What Run the Jewels Teaches Us About Pivot Models

Who said hip hop and product management aren’t a great match?From left to right: Run The Jewels — Atlanta-based rapper Killer Mike, and Brooklyn-based rapper and producer El-P. Source: up, as you are in for a treat! Who cares if it’s a “long read” when it brings a smile to your face whilst learning the ins and outs of pivot models.I...

Product Leadership Is a Team Sport

Influence without authority has always been the foundation of product management. As product leaders, this is even more important. To succeed, we must influence areas that are way beyond our control, and that’s a completely different ball game. Here are the things you must master in order to succeed.Photo by Daniel St.Pierre on PexelsWhen I was young...

How Can You Keep Your Developers Motivated in the Long Term? Here Are a Few Tips.

Motivating your developers is a crucial aspect of your role in ensuring the success of your product. After all, a motivated team leads to…Continue reading on Product Coalition »

Anatomy of an AI Company Crisis: Tales From the Technical Product Manager Trenches

Everything can fall apart with just the slightest touch. We’re all one bad line of code away from nuclear annihilation.Continue reading on Product Coalition »

Aggregation & Democratization: Macro Trends and How I Started a Travel SaaS Company

Continue reading on Product Coalition »

New Product Managers: Focus on These Three Fundamentals to Set Yourself up For Success

Don’t get bewildered by all the tools and sophisticated techniques of product professionals. Focus on these three to really take off.Continue reading on Product Coalition »

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