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How To Get The Product Job Of Your Dreams in 2022

Steps to take to help you transition to a new product roleContinue reading on Product Coalition »

Why don’t you just sell ads?

It seems that no piece of information is too private or personal to be surveilled, monetized, and aggregated into a 360-degree view of…Continue reading on Product Coalition »

Apply Leverage to Maximize Your Impact as a Product Manager

If you prefer watching, check out a quick video version of this post. is part 2 in a series about mental models for Product Managers. Check out this first part covering Inversion and First Principle Thinking.Let’s talk about leverage. And no, I’m not talking about getting dirt on your...

What Are the Skills Required for A Java Full Stack Developer?

There are different directions within software development, and consequently they involve different career pathways. While many of them are pretty straightforward, there are also other software engineering vocations which are situated, so to speak, on the edge. If you’ve already decided to learn Java, we should talk about such software engineering jobs...

How Coffee Brewing Help Me to Become a Better Human — in Work and in Life

How Coffee Brewing Help Me to Become a Better Human — in Work and in LifePhoto by Karl Fredrickson on UnsplashMy madness descent into coffee started around seven years back when I purchased the original Aeropress. I usually do french press at home, but its just too much effort for me to clean. So, nothing wrong with giving the infamous Aeropress a try — its...

Why Mobile Apps Should Be the First Preference for Your Business?

In this modern era, it is important for different types of businesses to prefer mobile apps so that they can increase their productivity and expand in different regions and countries of the world. A mobile application helps businesses to communicate with their customers directly and conveniently.Also, there is a great importance of promotions, ads,...

How I Self-Published My First Ever Book In 6 Months During a Global Pandemic With Just $150

“I’m going to self-publish my first book during a global pandemic!” said no one. Ever.But before I get into the nitty-gritty of why I wrote the book, how I wrote it, the mistakes I made and why that darn chicken crossed the road… I’ll share the stack I used to self-publish my book, The Making of Product Managers.My product stackZoom (for conducting...

Sherlock Holmes Revisited: Six Lessons for Product People

“To a great mind, nothing is little.” — Sherlock HolmesContinue reading on Product Coalition »

How Product Managers Can Lead Meetings Well

Here are some insights and lessons learned regarding how to organise meetings and your documentation well.Continue reading on Product Coalition »

Product Strategy 101: It’s About Depth, Not (Just) Vision

Product strategy is one of the most important tasks of the product leader, and definitely one of the hardest things to do. In the effort to bring the company’s vision into reality, the details matter, often more than the innovation and completeness of the vision itself. This should be your first step into product strategy.Photo by Scott Webb from PexelsThe...

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