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How To Get Started with A/B Testing

Keys to A/B TestingI recently hosted a webinar on the keys to A/B testing and how to structure these components for a company. I decided to post the notes I had as an outline as a blog post since I thought it was a good rough guide.Therefore, what follows is a rough outline for how I approach A/B testing when I join a company or when I get started....

Build Your Career Being a Product Owner or Product Manager

Running a business involves lots of duties and responsibilities. All the departments need to follow the same path to achieve a common objective. Product development and focusing on the minor details can increase the demand and efficiency of the product. It is very important to maintain unity and should work on achieving the same objective. Also, building...

Is Domain Knowledge a Must To Be a Great Scrum Master?

Exploring what remains essential to the success of the Scrum Master rolePhoto by Charl Folscher on UnsplashI had a chance to chat with my childhood friend after a long time on WhatsApp recently.I was happy to hear about his career progression and family. He is working in the capacity of a technical consultant in his current assignment in Bangalore,...

Valuable Lessons for Product Managers— Part 1

Lessons that no one will teach you in any coursesContinue reading on Product Coalition »

7 Thoughts Worth Spreading from Product Management Festival 2020

From pursuing purpose-driven profits to the applying product principles to leadership development.Continue reading on Product Coalition »

What Covid-19 and Product Management Have in Common?

Follow these rules to manage your product during crisesContinue reading on Product Coalition »

A Step-by-Step Guide to Building a (Product Manager) Competency Framework in Your Organization

A recent survey conducted by Product Management Festival found that the number one reason why PMs leave their roles is because of a lack…Continue reading on Product Coalition »

The 37 Dimension API-as-Product Assessment Framework

We’ve developed an API-as-Product Assessment Framework that we’re using to assess public APIs. We’re sharing this framework because you will likely find it to be a useful tool for understanding your own API as a product or set of products.The API-as-Product Assessment Framework has evolved through a combination of years of experience working with others’...

71 Scrum Product Owner Interview Questions to Avoid Imposters

If you are looking to fill a position for a Product Owner in your organization, you may find the following 71 interview questions useful to identify the right candidate. They are derived from my fourteen years of practical experience with XP and Scrum, serving both as Product Owner and Scrum Master and interviewing dozens of Product Owner candidates...

If you add one more meeting to your team’s calendar in 2020, make it a Review of the Year session

There’s a lot that happened in 2020 which you’d probably rather forget but you should still celebrate what went well for your team.Continue reading on Product Coalition »

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