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Localization testing: why does your app, game, or website need it?

We explain what and how to check before releasing different language versions of your product.Picture this: you develop an app, then launch it worldwide. But right after the release, you discover bugs in different language versions of the final product. Yeah, we know, it sounds pretty much like a developer’s worst nightmare. And that’s why localization...

The Difference: UX vs UI

You’ll find yourself working closely with UX and UI designers throughout your career as a Product Manager. While you won’t be expected to know everything about product design (otherwise you’d be a designer, right?) there are at least a couple of key things you should have a solid grasp on.The last thing you want to do when talking to a designer, is...

How to write a one-pager that people will actually read

Why use them and a free starter templateContinue reading on Product Coalition »

The Role of AI in Improving the Data Security for Cloud Platforms

While for many business organizations staying competitive mainly required a consistent focus on utilizing innovation and the power of…Continue reading on Product Coalition »

Angular vs Vue: Which is the Best JavaScript Framework?

JavaScript frameworks made the life of the developers much easier thanks to the ease of building powerful and feature-rich apps that can take be versatile in look and feel across all platforms. While Angular has been the most popular JavaScript framework for years and evolved through several updates, Vue as the much younger one gained tremendous recognition...

Best 4 Classic Software Development Books

Much of modern problems in software development have actually been solved and we keep forgetting this to our peril. Every day something pops up in a conversation, on one of our teams or on socials that can be addressed by a book from years and sometimes decades ago.I think of these as classic books on the fundamentals of software development. These...

Why Product Managers Vary So Much

Developing better understanding of PM discipline through a product lifecycleContinue reading on Product Coalition »

Template for Building a Winning Delivery Process Between Commercial and Product/Engineering…

Template for Building a Winning Delivery Process Between Commercial and Product/Engineering LeadershipIn a fast-moving B2B organization closing big deals, a legacy organization improving agile or, a fast-moving startup with critical features on the horizon the issue of aligning engineering investment, roadmap delivery dates, and missed expectations...

The Major Pitfalls of Lean Startup

Lean is a great methodology, but like any other methodology, it can be abused if not deeply understood. In my work with startups I noticed two common pitfalls — opposite sides of lean taken to the extreme without staying true to its core principles. The pitfalls are listed below, as well as how to avoid them.Photo by Daniel Abbatt from PexelsThe best...

What Is Your Product?

What Is Your Product?“So, what is your product?” That was the key question I posed in my Agile Cincinnati keynote recently.In my product coaching work, I have come to realize that many organizations don’t have a clear and consistent answer to this fundamental question. This has serious consequences. A poorly defined product impacts your ability to respond...

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