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How To Build a Slack Activity Dashboard Using Only Open-Source Tools

This article will show how to use Airbyte — an open-source data integration platform — and Apache Superset — an open-source data exploration platform — in order to build a Slack activity dashboard showing:Total number of members of a Slack workspaceThe evolution of the number of Slack workspace membersEvolution of weekly messagesEvolution of messages...

The Greatest Product Ever Built

When you live in a wonderlandContinue reading on Product Coalition »

Public Product Roadmap? Yes, please!

Check out these Product Companies and their Public RoadmapsPhoto by Tim Mossholder from PexelsAre you considering making your roadmap public?Or perhaps you constantly have customers asking about what’s coming up, where things are on the roadmap, etc.Making your roadmap public might just be a perfect solution depending on your goals.Many companies have...

The Right Way to Ask for Additional Resources

Did you ever find yourself struggling to explain to your manager why you need more people? You know you can’t continue this way, but while they sympathize with your struggle, they are not willing to give you what you ask for. The good news is that there is another, much more effective way to ask for additional resources, and here it is.Photo by Vlad...

Leadership. Culture.

Lately, I joined the executive excellence program by Hoffman-Koffman( I met the fantastic Fred Kofman). The notion of defining one’s work captured me. When you ask someone what his job is, you will usually get a title and a short description. But, people's real job is to make their company win, meaning that they have to sub-optimize their own goals...

Product Alignment: An Introduction to How We Do Product Management at Miro

When I first joined Miro, less than a year ago, we had 3 million users and around 300 employees. A lot has changed since then. We have since grown Miro to around 12 million users and 600 employees, making Miro one of the fastest-growing B2B startups in history.With such hyper-growth, there’s been an ever-growing need to scale the way we do product....

Top 5 UI/UX Design Agencies in Poland for 2021

Finding the right UI/UX design company in the over-saturated market might be a challenge. In this article, I’m sharing the list of Polish market leaders to help you find the best design partner more easily.Product design is one of the main differentiators in the digital competition. It plays a particular role and helps the brand to make a powerful impression...

How To "Fail Fast And Often"

Fail Fast, Fail Often — this phrase is often used as a mantra. It's a manifest of modern agile philosophy, originated from Silicon Valley's vibrant and fast paced start-up world. Big successful companies embody and exemplify the meaning by having it as an internal motto such as Facebook's "move fast and break things". It all sounds easy - Take quick...

Is Clubhouse Going To Permanently Change Presentations and Meetings?

The future of business meetings and presentations is looking quite bright!Continue reading on Product Coalition »

Small Business Marketing: Lessons Learned From COVID-19

2020 will go down in history as the year that brought the world to its knees with COVID-19 and the millions that fell to the virus. As a direct result, the global economic recession, cultural social distancing, and remote education and employment ensued. 2020 — heralded as a year of promise — will be a painful stain on our eternal memories.For small...

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