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Every Anime I Watched in 2023 and What I Thought about Them

Over the years, these year-end wrap-up posts have taken a variety of shapes and forms. In the past, I’ve enjoyed making list of my top shows of the year. But in a year where few airing television anime really moved me, I thought I’d forgo that formality by telling you all 28 (more or less) new things I watched in order to provide a more thorough chronicle...

Thu Feb 15, 2024 02:35
Great Escapes: A Fond Look at Makoto Shinkai’s Disaster Film Triology

As sometimes happens on Discord, instead of Twitter, these days, I was talking with some friends about Makoto Shinkai, director of smash-hit Your Name., regular-hit Tenki no Ko, and not-really-a-hit Suzume. It reminded me that I’ve never really set down my thoughts on the three films, nor on Shinkai’s evolution since he made a it big. And, hey!...

Sat Dec 9, 2023 19:26
Who Will (and Won’t) Trust Jujutsu Kaisen after Episode 43?

Before you begin to read, please allow me to inform you that there are spoilers ahead for the anime adaptation of Jujutsu Kaisen up to episode 43. I tell you this because, unlike the lawless land of Twitter where the social contract of posting about weekly shows with some semblance of awareness that many people have lives and can’t watch new episodes...

Mon Dec 4, 2023 01:36
Don’t Let All the Joyless Hacks Who Only Hate on Things Distract You from the Fact that The Girl I Like Forgot Her Glasses Is Super Fun

GoHands does it again (unironically). In way, the furor over the premiere of The Girl I Like Forgot Her Glasses (hereafter, SukiMega) has been refreshing. The episode has divided opinion—perhaps a generous characterization of the situation on my part—and it feels in a way like the anime-watching public has returned, if only for...

Sun Jul 9, 2023 00:45
I’d Like to Apologize to These Two Spring 2023 RomCom Anime

It turns out there is still room in this heart for cute romance. Some of you might not know this, but I have this tradition on Twitter where I post my own little seasonal preview as a screenshot of a .txt file a week or two ahead of each season to inform the people what might be good to watch. Unfortunately, at the time I was...

Thu Jul 6, 2023 21:56
The Only Good Anime of Winter 2023

WARNING: Many words ahead. More than I expected. Watching seasonal anime these days feels much different than it used to for me. While I’m still good at picking up shows that I’ll enjoy and have gotten better at not feeling guilty about not watching things people say I should watch, the reality is that picking up a show feels...

Sun Apr 16, 2023 05:28

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