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Recent Commercial Real Estate Transactions

Recent commercial real estate transactions in New York.

How Veterans Are Working to Get Afghan Partners in War to the US

Through WhatsApp and Facebook messages, Afghans who served as interpreters are asking former colleagues in America to get them out as the Taliban close in.

How to Survive a Plague, Part 2

The resistance to Covid vaccinations is eerily familiar to those who lived through the early days of the AIDS crisis.

France Passes Climate Law, but Critics Say It Falls Short

The law bans some short flights, requires more vegetarian school meals and curbs wasteful plastic packaging. But activists say it’s not enough.

Taekwondo Is Path to Medals for Countries That Rarely Get Them

The Ivory Coast and Jordan won their first-ever Olympic golds, thanks to taekwondo, as did Taiwan. Afghanistan’s only Olympic medals, a pair of bronzes, came from it, too.

Pelosi Appoints Kinzinger to Panel Scrutinizing Jan. 6

The selection of Representative Adam Kinzinger for the special committee adds a second Republican who has been an unsparing critic of former President Donald J. Trump.

Covid's Beta Variant: Here's What We Know

The variant can dodge some of the immune system’s defenses, but is still vulnerable to vaccines.

American Dysfunction Is the Biggest Barrier to Fighting Covid

Lax vaccination and haphazard rules on masking sabotage the fight against the Delta variant in the U.S.

Alex Rodriguez Joins Ownership Group for Timberwolves and Lynx

Rodriguez and Marc Lore, an e-commerce billionaire, have a pathway to controlling ownership of the professional Minnesota basketball teams in two years.

‘Ted Lasso’ Season 2 Premiere Recap: A New Foil for Ted

The Season 2 premiere finds Lasso and friends demoted from the Premier League. And yet, not much has changed.

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