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Join Kara Swisher to discuss Elon Musk, the debates and more

How a Voter-Fraud Disinformation Campaign Became an Election Threat

A New York Times Magazine investigation finds that misleading and false claims about widespread voter fraud are part of a long disinformation effort that the president has taken to new extremes.

The Attack on Voting in the 2020 Elections

The president is harnessing the power of the government, from the Department of Homeland Security to the Postal Service, to disrupt the election. Read the magazine’s five-month investigation.

Ocasio-Cortez and Warren Pull Out of New Yorker Festival

The two standard bearers of the left said they would skip the annual event in solidarity with The New Yorker Union, which plans a digital picket line.

Who’s a Fashion Victim Now?

Thoughts on how to escape that fate from Dior, Thebe Magugu and Marine Serre.

Beba’s Story Tells of Jewish Life Before the Nazis

An exhibition based on the recently found autobiography of Beba Epstein, a fifth grader in Europe in the 1930s, has been posted online by the YIVO Institute.

A Museum Puts Its Fakes on Show

A German institution found that many of its Russian avant-garde paintings weren’t genuine. A new exhibition puts those works front and center, despite protests from the gallery that sold some of the works.

‘The More I Watched, the More Unsettled I Felt’

Readers rate President Trump and Joe Biden after their first (official) debate.

Live MLB Playoffs Scores and Tracker Updates

The expanded postseason format for 2020 produced an unprecedented schedule of games on Wednesday: Eight games, four of them with a team in danger of elimination.

Tuesday’s Debate Made Clear the Gravest Threat to the Election: The President Himself

President Trump’s unwillingness to say he would abide by the result, and his disinformation campaign about election fraud went beyond anything President Vladimir V. Putin could have imagined.

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