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You Need This Practice In Your Life

Several years ago I was swimming in a pool in Austin—I wish I could say it was Barton Springs, one of the wonders of the world or even the Los Angeles Athletic Club (photographed above), but it was actually a 24 Hour Fitness off I-35—and a reader recognized me as I was getting out of the water. I’m reading your book ​Ego is the Enemy​, they said....

Wed Apr 3, 2024 19:21
You Can’t Succeed In Life Without This Skill

Preparation is important. Planning is important. Reflection is important. I mean, I wrote a whole book called, Stillness is the Key, because it’s true. And I was just saying earlier this month that I needed to slow down and take better care of myself because I was pushing too hard. And I just read and loved Cal Newport’s new book Slow Productivity (we...

Wed Mar 20, 2024 18:22
What To Think About When You Think About Spring

Spring is my favorite time of year in Texas. After a dreary winter, the colors come back. The birds are out. The days last longer. The breeze is light. The air is cool. The leaves come back on the trees around my ranch. Suddenly, the woods are full and dense. The grass comes in. The bluebonnets flood the fields. Soon enough, blackberries will be...

Wed Mar 13, 2024 18:27
The Indiscipline Of Overwork

A few weeks ago, I was running early in the morning in Arizona. I probably should have waited for it to get light out, but I had a busy day ahead of me and wanted to squeeze it in. I even remember thinking as I left, as I turned on my woefully insufficient flashlight on my phone, I hope this isn’t a mistake. The answer came not three steps later,...

Wed Mar 6, 2024 05:56
37 Pieces of Career Advice I Wish I’d Known Earlier

From my first desk job working at my college newspaper. My first job was working at a small deli and grocery store in Lake Tahoe when I was 15. It was a job that came full circle some twenty years later when my wife and I bought a place called ​Tracy’s Drive-In Grocery​ in 2021, a little place that’s been in business since 1940. I’ve had my fair share...

Wed Feb 21, 2024 04:52
If You Only Read A Few Books In 2024, Read These

One of my favorite quotes—enough that I have it inscribed on the wall across the back of my bookstore—comes from the novelist Walter Mosley. “I’m not saying that you have to be a reader to save your soul in the modern world,” he said. “I’m saying it helps.” 2024 promises us nothing but the same craziness as last year and every year before it. Maybe...

Wed Jan 17, 2024 20:19

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