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How Cisco solved 3 team-wide pain points with Salesloft

If you talk to Cisco’s Business Operations Manager John Wayne “JW” Maioriello about his team’s switch to Salesloft, he’ll tell you it was the right decision: “It took us nearly zero time to see the benefits of using Salesloft.”  His sales reps were able to focus on delivering better, more meaningful content without spending as much time on training...

Thu Feb 15, 2024 19:23
Enterprise businesses, it’s time to leverage sales engagement to unlock revenue

Big growth targets are driving enterprise businesses back down to small and midsize businesses (SMBs), where there are hundreds of millions of dollars in incremental revenue available for the taking. According to small business statistics from the SBA, small businesses comprise 99.9% of US businesses. That’s a massive TAM — 32.5 million to be exact. ...

Fri Feb 9, 2024 18:35
Why NielsenIQ can’t live without Salesloft

As the Vice President of Sales Development at NielsenIQ, Josh Morgan knows his stuff. He currently leads teams across the world in Asia Pacific, Latin America, Western Europe, and North America in the sales development rep function. When we sat down with him at Saleslove on Tour in London, however, we learned just how knowledgeable he is about the available...

Tue Jan 30, 2024 21:53
Reveal hidden messages and competitors across your sales calls with Salesloft

Data that teams can transcribe, analyze, and summarize from their customer Conversations is super helpful…if it gives them the full picture of what’s actually going on.  That’s because trying to understand a situation using point-in-time and single conversation data is like trying to see the big picture by looking through a keyhole.  It makes it nearly...

Fri Jan 26, 2024 22:27
How to set realistic sales goals your team will crush

Setting goals is such a common activity. We do it in our work and personal lives. With so much experience it’s surprising that we are all not experts in achieving them.   As a sales manager or revenue leader, the dilemma is not in establishing the goal, but in the setting, checking and adjusting them to ensure success.  So let’s start with the basics....

Wed Jan 24, 2024 22:27
How Salesloft helps Cin7’s AEs spend less time on admin and more time selling

These days, Vedant Namboodiri is the Global Sales Operations Manager at Cin7.  But when Cin7 adopted Salesloft, he was an AE. That knowledgeable background made him perfect to talk to us at Saleslove on Tour in London about how Salesloft has made the AE experience at his company so much better. He’s seen it all happen firsthand.  “I very distinctly...

Thu Jan 18, 2024 21:11

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