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“Let the market fix it”

After all, the marketplace is scalable, independent, self-funding, convenient and persistent. Except there are problems that the market hasn’t solved, and probably can’t. A century into this worldwide experiment, the market hasn’t solved mass education, it’s made obesity and health problems worse, and it has dumped an enormous amount of long-term...

Improving what’s not there

It’s pretty straightforward to grease a squeaky wheel, or repair a broken window. Far more difficult is to realize that your room would be a lot more pleasant if you added a window in the first place.

“I don’t want to play”

Tactical approaches can undermine useful strategies. And knowing your goals and the reason for the game are the best way to avoid the problem. Tactical thinking forces us to think in innings. It says, “here’s a situation, what’s your best reaction/response?” The strategic approach has a different question, “Does playing...

“I did the thing that was…”

A simple but difficult fork in the road for the choices we make. I did the thing that was: expedient easy safe what my boss insisted on generous brave new effective done by everyone else deniable fun resilient...

Yadda, yadda, yadda

If you are talking with someone about important things, from the heart, with honesty, it’s entirely possible that what you’re saying contradicts what they expect. It might be because of the indoctrination of a lifetime of growing up in a particular culture. It might be because of personal experiences they’ve had with others that...

Directed marketing

There are ten people. If those ten people were aware of what you do, trusted you and were enrolled in the journey of change you seek to make… They might each encourage ten people to join in. And that group of 100 people might be able and willing to help you improve your work, or to introduce you to resources you need,...

Initiative takes effort

There’s a reason we hire a physical trainer, get a job and show up for work on time. We see the value in someone else directing our actions. On one hand, giving someone else authority over our effort is challenging, because they might not be aware of how much we have in reserve or what else we’ve got going on. But the...

Seeing and believing

They say that seeing is believing. But it might be more true that believing leads to seeing. It’s often easier to discover the truth if we believe it’s there in the first place.

All at once vs. chronic

The emergency wins every time. The newspaper, social media, dinner time conversation, the principal’s office, sportscasters, the weather, the boardroom–the conversation is almost always about the emergency of the moment. The thing that’s happening all at once. We have a volunteer fire department in town, but we don’t often have...

A plan for ‘wrong’

Infallibility is a difficult model for forward motion. It’s likely that you’re going to make an error. That you will make choices based on things you don’t know, perhaps should have known. Things will go wrong. And then what? When a kid takes driver’s ed, shouldn’t they teach what to do if they get a ticket or have a...

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