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braised chickpeas with zucchini and pesto

Last summer, when my younger child joined my older child at sleepaway camp for a month for the first time, leaving us unmoored and a little restless, we made a list of restaurants we’d been meaning to try and friends we don’t see enough and took this task on like it was our job. I barely cooked once. By the end of the third week, everything...

Tue Jul 16, 2024 22:05
summer steak with corn and tomatoes

This has been my go-to summer steak for the last several years and I have some audacity to have gatekept it for so long. Mostly, we’ve been too busy eating it for me to grab the camera and shoot it and then sit down and write the recipe, which is hilarious as that’s, like, my whole job. But my brain softens in the summer, especially when...

Wed Jul 3, 2024 22:02
blistered peas-in-the-pod with lemon and salt

Even though my kids are not yet on summer break and even though I, as an adult, do not have a thing called a summer break, I’ve apparently helped myself to one. I’m sneaking off to the beach on weekdays (oops), reading novels, gorging myself on cherries and crisp-from-the-market cucumbers, playing midday tennis like a lady who lunches,...

Wed Jun 19, 2024 21:26
easy basque cheesecake

While I do not think that the internet necessarily needs another recipe for burnt Basque cheesecake, it turns out I did. And since you’re stuck with me for as long as you’re here, pull up a chair, because we can’t get enough of this one. What is burnt basque cheesecake? Also called San Sebastian cheesecake, it’s been around since the...

Tue Jun 11, 2024 19:05
grilled feta with asparagus chimichurri

My superpower? Dropping recipes so late on the Friday of a holiday weekend, absolutely nobody will see them. Well, except you. I’m here for us last-minute planners, we indecisive “I want to make something new this weekend, but nothing has jumped out at me.” I hope we can stop scrolling now. I haven’t been able to get Jessica Merchant’s...

Sat May 25, 2024 01:06
perfect blueberry muffin loaf

It’s been about what how has it been almost 8 years since I overhauled an old blueberry muffin recipe in the archives to turn them into what I consider the highest calling of the category, perfect in taste (not too sweet, dreamy crumb, lemon scented, absolutely riddled with blueberries, and finished with the crunchiest bronzed lid, perfect...

Fri May 10, 2024 20:48

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