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Fall Decorating: 7 Simple Tips to Slowly Transition Your Home

Scroll down for mood board sources! In my last post “A Slower Rhythm Through the Seasons”, I kicked off our annual fall nesting series with my thoughts on slowing down to ease into each new season. A slow evolution from season to season is good for your home, and especially beneficial for your well-being, too. [...]

A Slower Rhythm Through the Seasons

Years ago I discovered that practicing a slower rhythm through the seasons made life (and home) feel less frantic and frenzied! Long time readers of The Inspired Room know I LOVE fall (and Fall Nesting has been a BIG DEAL here on the blog for the past fifteen years!) but you also know I’ve always [...]

Our Railing Planter Boxes – Curb Appeal

There are so many ways you can create or continue to enhance existing curb appeal. Window and railing planter boxes are one of my favorite additions to the character of a home. Best of all, window and railing planter boxes can be used throughout the seasons! Funny thing is, though, I don’t think I’ve ever [...]

Five Ways to Create a Home You’ll Love Living In

From the design elements to the feeling of a home to the memories you make in it, each decision as you create a home you’ll love can be so much more impactful and meaningful when you are intentional. As the creator of The Inspired Room and through the many books I’ve written on the home, [...]

Home Decor Amazon Storefront + The Inspired Room

It has always been our goal to help our readers create a home they love. And we LOVE to help you save time and/or money whenever possible! Today we are sharing a FREE service where we can better help you to do just that. Introducing our home decor Amazon storefront, featuring our own personally curated [...]

Make a House Feel Like Home: Move-In Day vs. Now

It’s always fun to see how rooms evolve and change over time. Little by little, you can make a house feel like home! Kylee (my daughter) is here today to share the updates in her kitchen and dining area one year later, from move in day to now. Kylee here! The above photo is our [...]

An Intentional Home (The Secret to Success!)

Life is often messy, busy and unpredictable. Creating an intentional home will help us make the most of even those less-than-perfect seasons. Do you ever feel frazzled or overwhelmed just thinking about all of the things you have to do? Perhaps the house is a mess, or every day feels chaotic and you just can’t [...]

S’mores Night: Simple Summer Gathering

Last week we had a “staycation” week with our family (celebrating Father’s day and my son’s birthday!). One evening we used our firepit for a fun and simple event in our own backyard. I love simple gatherings that are fun, meaningful and memorable, in fact, I wrote a book called Simple Gatherings for that reason! [...]

Amazon Best Selling Home Decor + A Mood Board

Love the convenience of shopping at Amazon? Have you ever shopped at Amazon for decor? Today I'm sharing my view on decorating, where to shop, and some of The Inspired Room followers' Amazon best selling home decor.

Wedding DIY: Mini Message in a Bottle for Bridesmaids, Gifts + Place Settings

Hi friends! Courtney here today. If you’ve been following along over the past several months, you know I am getting married this summer! We have been planning up a storm around here. I can’t believe the big day is coming up so very soon! Many of you have let me know on Instagram that you [...]

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