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My Design Philosophy + The Gift of Home

A giveaway, my design philosophy, intro to me and my home, and sharing a new design book you'll love!

Three Simple Updates to Make Your Bedroom Your Winter Sanctuary

Come see the simple and budget-friendly changes we made to our bedroom to create a cozier sanctuary for the winter months!

Lantern Ceiling Lights (New Light for My Bedroom)

Now that the new year has arrived, I’m on a roll making design decisions so we can make our home our own! I’ve always loved the look of lanterns (remember the beautiful copper and iron lantern we put in our dining room at our craftsman lake house?) so it’s no surprise to me that a [...]

Mini Table Lamps and Accent Lighting Sources

Accent lighting is an essential element in the function and cozy mood of a home. In this post we're sharing some stylish accent/mini lamps that are easy to tuck in anywhere you need a little extra light or warmth!

How to Get Unstuck with Decorating

Do you ever feel stumped with the direction you want to go with a room, so you just stay stuck? I sure do! So if like me you want to make progress on a room this month, consider the suggestions in this post as inspiration and permission to make a decision!

Beautiful Kitchen Designs + Inspiration

Looking for kitchen inspiration? Enjoy these beautiful designs I’m inspired by lately, plus find lots of inspiration posts linked below! If you missed my last post I shared the 4 important steps I take when designing a room. One of the first steps was gathering inspiration! Here are several kitchens I’ve saved to my inspiration [...]

4 Important First Steps to Take When Designing A Room

Do you ever feel overwhelmed with where to start when designing a room? If you want to give a room a refresh, here are the first four steps I usually take to get started, to organize my thoughts, needs and style preferences so I can move forward with a plan!

Simple Furniture Makeover + Pretty Shelf and Drawer Liners (Courtney’s Apartment)

Hi friends, it’s Courtney (one of Melissa’s daughter’s) here! I wanted to share a simple furniture makeover project I did last night as part of A Lovely January! (If you missed it, we’re doing a home challenge this month to make progress on a room in your home, read more and join us here.) Last [...]

Refresh Your Bedroom for Winter – A Lovely January

The change of seasons can be a wonderful reason to refresh your home. With the holidays behind us and winter months still ahead, we can use this season to create a sanctuary where we feel snug, warm and cozy all winter. We recently moved into a new home so we haven’t yet set up our [...]

Join Us for A Home Challenge: A Lovely January

Join us for a fun home challenge in January!

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