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The Internet’s Most Tempting Targets

What attracts the attackers? David "moose" Wolpoff, CTO at Randori, discusses how to evaluate your infrastructure for juicy targets.

Merck Awarded $1.4B Insurance Payout over NotPetya Attack

Court rules ‘War or Hostile Acts’ exclusion doesn’t apply to the pharma giant's 2017 cyberattack.

20K WordPress Sites Exposed by Insecure Plugin REST-API

The WordPress WP HTML Mail plugin for personalized emails is vulnerable to code injection and phishing due to XSS.

McAfee Bug Can Be Exploited to Gain Windows SYSTEM Privileges

McAfee has patched two high-severity bugs in its Agent component, one of which can allow attackers to achieve arbitrary code execution with SYSTEM privileges.

Spyware Blitzes Compromise, Cannibalize ICS Networks

The brief spearphishing campaigns spread malware and use compromised networks to steal credentials that can be sold or used to commit financial fraud.

2FA Bypassed in $34.6M Heist

In a display of 2FA's fallibility, unauthorized transactions approved without users' authentication bled 483 accounts of funds.

Critical Cisco StarOS Bug Grants Root Access via Debug Mode

Cisco issued a critical fix for a flaw in its Cisco RCM for Cisco StarOS Software that could give attackers RCE on the application with root-level privileges.

Microsoft: Attackers Tried to Login to SolarWinds Serv-U Via Log4j Bug

UPDATE: SolarWinds has fixed a Serv-U bug discovered when attackers used the Log4j flaw to try to log in to the file-sharing software.

Pervasive Apple Safari Bug Exposes Web-Browsing Data, Google IDs

The information-disclosure issue, affecting Macs, iPhones and iPads, allows a snooping website to find out information about other tabs a user might have open.

Red Cross Begs Attackers Not to Leak Stolen Data for 515K People

A cyberattack forced the Red Cross to shut down IT systems running the Restoring Family Links system, which reunites families fractured by war, disaster or migration. UPDATE: The ICRC says it's open to confidentially communicating with the attacker.

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