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Zoom Zero-Day Allows RCE, Patch on the Way

Researchers said that the issue is only exploitable on Windows 7 and earlier.

Joker Android Malware Dupes Its Way Back Onto Google Play

A new variant of the Joker malware has hoodwinked its way onto the Google Play marketplace yet again, in 11 Android apps that were recently removed.

BlueLeaks Server Seized By German Police: Report

The server contained almost 270 gigabytes of data collected from 200 police departments, law enforcement training and support resources and fusion centers.

‘Undeletable’ Malware Shows Up in Yet Another Android Device

Researchers have found trojans and adware in preinstalled apps on a low-cost device distributed by the government-funded Lifeline Assistance Program.

Advertising Plugin for WordPress Threatens Full Site Takeovers

Thousands of vulnerable websites need to apply the patch to avoid RCE.

Notorious Hacker ‘Fxmsp’ Outed After Widespread Access-Dealing

The Kazakh native made headlines last year for hacking McAfee, Symantec and Trend Micro; but the Feds say he's also behind a widespread backdoor operation spanning six continents.

Microsoft Seizes Malicious Domains Used in Mass Office 365 Attacks

The phishing campaign targeted Office 365 accounts in 62 countries, using business-related reports and the coronavirus pandemic as lures.

15 Billion Credentials Currently Up for Grabs on Hacker Forums

Unprecedented amounts of data for accessing bank accounts and streaming services are being flogged on the dark web.

BEC Hotshot with Opulent Social Media Presence to Face U.S. Charges

The Nigerian native has been extradited from Dubai after a string of over-the-top Instagram posts.

Keeper Threat Group Rakes in $7M from 100s of Compromised E-Commerce Sites

Researchers warn that Keeper, using Magecart code, will launch increasingly sophisticated attacks against online merchants worldwide in the coming months.

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