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TypeTogether celebrates the 15 years of the foundry with a book: Building Ligatures

On the occasion of its 15th anniversary,the independent type foundry TypeTogether has published a book entitled Building ligatures: the power of type. In this book, TypeTogether’s cosmopolitan team ofexperts present a cross section of the knowledge, experience, and best practices intype design, typography, and graphic design. About the book ...

Headlines: A New Sans-Serif Typeface By Anita Jürgeleit

As the name suggests, Headlines was designed just for… headlines! It comes in 12 styles and variable fonts to make the most out of it, as well as awesome ligatures. Variants were created for difficult letter combinations, such as fy, rf, tz, and more. It was designed by Anita Jürgeleit, a German type designer with an impressive type portfolio....

French Art Nouveau Alphabet Design In The Shape Of Flamingos

Designed in 1901 by E. Mulier and published in the “Lettres et Enseignes Art Nouveau”, Paris, 1901, this alphabet is both elegand and friendly. You can now even download it as a font for free, as someone managed to create it and share it on Fonts4Free. The post French Art Nouveau Alphabet Design In The Shape Of Flamingos appeared first on Typography...

Balter Serif: A Handrawn Layered Typeface

Inspired by sign painting, 1960’s movie posters and jazz album lettering, Balter Serif is a perfect choice for headlines and can be used in all kinds of projects, such as posters, branding, packaging, magazines, and much more. It features uppercase and small caps, numbers, symbols, internation glyphs, alternates and swashes, ligatures, and letter...

A Typographic Mural Illustration Created For Cadillac

Mark van Leeuwen is a talented graphic artist and typographer with a knack for lettering. Cadillac hired him to design a typographic mural for an event in Munich, Germany. Processed with VSCO with a6 preset Processed with VSCO with a6 preset The post A Typographic Mural Illustration Created For Cadillac appeared first on Typography Daily.

A Digital Tool That Turns Typography Into Mushrooms

At Pentagram, innovation is widely encourage in client project. This is what Jody Hudson-Powell and Luke Powell did with their Hypha project, created as part of the identity of an exhibition on mushrooms. The digital tool emulates the growth of fungi and applies it to letters. This gives birth to mushroom-esque typography based on the text you...

TypoStories By Davide Baratta

Working as a senior graphic designer in London, UK, Davide Baratta finds the time to do creative work on the side, such as this cool work done on font pairings. The project, title TypoStories, explores color and typography in a playful manner. The post TypoStories By Davide Baratta appeared first on Typography Daily.

Municipal: A Typeface Inspired By Manhole Covers’ Iron Letterforms

Municipal is House Industries latest typeface release inspired by American utility cover lettering. It features prominent wedge-shaped vertical serifs that are a digital translation of American commercial iron castings, as well as generous round strokes and plain endings for lowercase letters. The post Municipal: A Typeface...

Fontikon: 8 fonts deriving from ethnic and esoteric symbols

Looking for some cool, fresh fonts to add spice to a project? Check out Fontikon. Fontikon is a Worldwide Type Foundry of Ethno-Esoteric-Mystic-Magical fonts for creatives, graphic designers and game designers. It contains a set of 8 ancient fonts from historical cultures and civilizations around the world, designed in modern style.  Starting...

Wiking—Digitizing and freeing a blackletter font from 1925

The Wiking font was designed by Heinz König and published in 1925 by the type foundry J. D. Trennert & Sohn in Hamburg. This unique and contemporary blackletter design has never been professionally revived. Ralf Herrmann has started a Kickstarter campaign to create a careful and complete digitization from the original letterpress font. And...

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