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Meta CTO Explains Why Quest Doesn’t Have Automatic Room Setup

Meta’s Andrew Bosworth explained why Quest headsets don’t yet have automatic room setup. A new experimental feature appeared on some Quest 2 headsets this week enabling owners to manually mark out areas and objects in their home for a new class of mixed reality experience that’s responsive to the physical environment. The feature leads to the obvious...

SteamVR Update Adds Mallorca, A New Photogrammetry Environment

The latest SteamVR update adds a new photogrammetry environment for users, captured in the village of Fornalutx in Mallorca. Mallorca is an island located in the western Mediterranean sea, off the coast of Spain and part of the Balearic Islands. It’s home to an ancient village called Fornalutx and, as described in this post, Valve has processed a bunch...

Co-Op Arcade Shoot ‘Em Up Wings 1941 Hits Quest In June

Retro-inspired arcade shoot ’em up, Wings 1941, gets a Meta Quest (formerly Oculus Quest) store release next week. The game — which seems to be inspired by Capcom’s arcade classic, 1942 — touches down on the standalone headset on June 2 and is currently listed in the Coming Soon section of the store. No other platforms have been announced at this time....

Nearly 4 Years On, PSVR’s Firewall Launches Its Final Season

Just under four years on from launch, PSVR-exclusive Firewall Zero Hour has launched its final season. The tenth season is fittingly named Operation: X and developer First Contact Entertainment says it isn’t planning any additional seasons past this one. The game will, of course, remain in operation past the end of this season. Included in Operation:...

Until You Fall Collaboration Coming To Drums Rock This Week

VR drumming game Drums Rock is getting a collaboration with Schell Games’ Until You Fall this week. A free update for the game will add a cover version of Kneon Knightmare from Until You Fall’s soundtrack. It’ll be a heavier take on the track in step with the rest of the game’s tracklist and also include several cosmetic overhauls such as a drum set...

Vertigo Games Picks Up Maskmaker VR, But No Quest Announcement Yet

Vertigo Games is adding Innerspace’s Maskmaker to its publishing portfolio. A tweet from the company’s official account confirmed as much. The post says that Vertigo is “strengthening” its partnership with Innerspace, but doesn’t specifically outline plans for what it will do with the game. The game was originally released on PSVR and PC VR in April...

Quest 2 Experimental Room Setup For Mixed Reality

VR Download: Apple’s Mixed Reality Troubles, Quest 2 Resolution Lower Than Specs

LONN 2022 Re-Reveal Trailer (PC VR)

Oculus Public Test Channel Fixes (Air) Link Windows 11 Judder

The Public Test Channel of the Oculus PC app fixes Oculus Link juddering on Windows 11. Oculus Link is a Quest feature which lets the device act as a PC VR headset, either wired via USB or wirelessly via your home Wi-Fi network. While it works as advertised on Windows 10, if you try it on Windows 11 you may see a constant distracting – and even sickening...

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