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10 ideas to improve online meetings and collaboration tools

Video conferencing tools like Zoom, Skype, or WebEx along with Digital tools like Microsoft Teams and Slack are deeply embedded into the modern ways of working — even more during the lockdown era. And their role will only get more important.Photo by Pankaj Patel on UnsplashThe adoption of the new ‘remote work’ model — which was accelerated by the lockdown — put...

The value of Personas

Personas provide valuable information about the nature and needs of the audience, gathering it all in a single, compact place.Continue reading on UX Collective »

The future of Industrial Design: evolving how we design

Industrial Designer, Dan Harden, examines design thinking, designing for prosperity, and artificial design intelligence.Continue reading on UX Collective »

4 basic communication elements for product folks

Example driven write-up on communication basics for on-ground product managersContinue reading on UX Collective »

Do financial incentives work?

Do financial incentives work?There is a dark side of my past that I usually do not talk about. Years ago, before I became a software product designer, I user to work in advertising. Being at the constant beck and call of clients, people who work in advertising, usually suffer from low self-esteem. This is something that even successful advertising folk...

5 essential things to do before your first online UX interview

Whether you are a beginner or an expert, an introvert or an extrovert, user interviews should never be done on the fly. Although being…Continue reading on UX Collective »

Seeing what you hear: the art of Album Art

How an absurd moment led to the artwork for R.M. Hendrix’s War Is On Its WayContinue reading on UX Collective »

User Experience is … being forgiving of mistakes

This might sound like it’s come from a parenting book but it’s all about whether to ask ‘are you sure?’ or allow users to undo.Continue reading on UX Collective »

How to read at work: a guide for designers and product managers

While we don’t often think about it this way, the truth is that product designers and product managers spend much of their day reading and…Continue reading on UX Collective »

This is an article about obvious design flaws, and how they can be prevented

Why behind every pretty UI there needs to be UX.We have all been here:The juice carton that no one (except some extraordinary human beings) can control. Creds: Atle Antonsen, “Things that annoy”And here:Some years ago, when the phone rang and you needed your headset. Creds: Atle Antonsen, “Things that annoy”Growing up, my dad often repeated the following...

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