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Design practices that can shape values-driven futures

Design thinking that challenges perceptions, broadens inclusion and fosters co-creationContinue reading on UX Collective »

What’s wrong with “everyone’s a designer”

Casino heists, Disney movies, and more.Continue reading on UX Collective »

Brutalism at its best

The days when one of architecture’s most controversial styles looks at its most resplendantThe Barbican Centre in London in all its sublimity.This morning I awoke, like I often do, and fired up my laptop from which I lazily scrolled through the various news and sports websites; an act which encompasses the entirety of my pre-shower morning routine....

The role of Reflection in the design process

The often-overlooked last step.In product design, when we release a feature into the wild, we can expect a degree of objectivity in the feedback we get. We can tell if our designs are helping or hurting based on the feedback and metrics after we ship.Getting my hands on these metrics can be challenging at times. My experience has largely been on early-stage...

The Ikea effect: accepting change by creating it

In our drive for efficiency and effectiveness, we tend to present finished solutions and ready-made decisions to employees. However…Continue reading on UX Collective »

Logic in UX goes beyond fancy concepts or frameworks

Beyond fancy concepts, frameworks, and names, the UX relies on an essential human input: experience and Logic usageMany companies are pivoting into a digital transformation; this supposes many job changes, mindsets, and new workflows. In Colombia, these changes often create more intrigue in co-workers than certainties. I remember the first time I met...

Universal design for learning for students with Autism

Universal Design for Learning (UDL) is a research-based set of principles that together form a practical framework for using technology to…Continue reading on UX Collective »

Comprehensive anatomy of all ‘Design Thinking’ workshops

ILLUSTRATED GUIDEAn attempt to figure out the workshop nature once and for all.We’ll skip the blah-blah about why workshops are important for product teams. Let’s better play a game. How many canvases on the picture below do you recognize? And which of them have you tried in practice?What types of workshops do these canvases represent?Not many design...

The untouched past of content

Content audits and their value.Image from UnsplashWe all have been deep-diving into various Excel spreadsheets in our lives. Whether in school, in our professional career, or even for personal matters. While it’s fair to say they might be anything but exciting, they can play a crucial part in Content Strategy.As a creative through and through, you cannot...

What really kills critical thinking

+ tips to deal with the killersContinue reading on UX Collective »

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