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The computer screen is the retina of the mind’s eye

Computers are already having an outsized impact on our world and, if not controlled, will dominate it.I want to gauge the impact of computers on the world, the potency of computers as a filter on our society, and explore the fact that the computer screen is the retina of the mind’s eye. This will, I hope, lead the reader to agree with me that computers...

How Wednesday Addams teaches us about design consumerism

TikTok likes it better when Addams dances to “Bloody Mary.” Non-designers like to do the job of the designer if they can’t meet the demand…Continue reading on UX Collective »

The death of execution

How will AI change the digital product landscape?I have taken on a new year’s resolution to explore and learn about AI and the tools out there.This means I’ve been playing with various AI tools for less than a month and during that time, just in my spare time in the evenings, I’ve written a few blogs, created countless images, and coded several scripts...

19 Must-Visit Sites for Product Design Inspiration

My favorite sites for product design inspiration, research, and benchmarkingContinue reading on UX Collective »

Global UX: how to study beyond your bubble

Design might be a universal language, but it still has some regional dialects worth studying.Continue reading on UX Collective »

AI processes information, but how about our minds?

Why Human Thought is so Hard to Replicate? —  Information Processing Model of the MindContinue reading on UX Collective »

Death of UX, non-violent communication, visual design rules

Weekly curated resources for designers — thinkers and makers.“To survive, UX needs a different type of designers: passionate, informed, well–rounded. UX designers with decades of experience and current bootcamp students should strive to develop a broad mindset, go above and beyond, master and challenge the frameworks, learn and bend the rules. Beyond...

UX lessons from a poet who invented social media in the 18th century

How a German poet turned his apartment into Facebook in 1747, and the most crucial UX lessons we need to learn from thisContinue reading on UX Collective »

Intuitive robotic manipulator control with a Myo armband

Photo by the authorRecently I was given a Myo armband, and this article aims to describe how such a device could be exploited to control a robotic manipulator intuitively. That is, we will move our arm as if it was the actual hand of the robot. The implementation relies on the Robot Operating System (ROS), in particular, on the rospy API. I leave you...

Font agreements are messy

Don’t just read the pangram; read the fine print.Continue reading on UX Collective »

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