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Protecting Satellites From Hackers: Calls for Industry Standards Grow

Cyber threats to the space sector are growing as the industry expands, and satellites in particular are vulnerable. WSJ Pro Cybersecurity reporter Catherine Stupp joins host Zoe Thomas to discuss the call for international cybersecurity standards and why Germany could be a model for other nations. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

Finding Your Personal Data Online Is Easy. Taking It Down Is Harder.

Personal information such as phone numbers, email and home addresses have become more easily accessible over the internet. But getting that information taken down isn’t so simple. WSJ reporter Maddie Ellis joins host Zoe Thomas to discuss the possible ramifications of having personal details one online search away, and what steps you can take if you...

How Secret Talks Over an Apple-Facebook Partnership Fell Apart

Apple and Facebook are at war over privacy and data-collection policies. But before their feud heated up, the tech giants engaged in secret discussions about a possible revenue-sharing partnership. WSJ reporter Salvador Rodriguez joins host Zoe Thomas to discuss what the conversations were about and how the two ended up at odds with each other. Learn...

Lithium Bottlenecks Risk Future of EVs

Lithium is a key component to the batteries in electric vehicles. But the part of the world with the largest known lithium deposits is stifling production of the mineral at a time when demand for it is growing. WSJ South America reporter Ryan Dube joins host Zoe Thomas to discuss what is causing the bottlenecks and how they could affect the global EV...

Efforts to Expand Digital Privacy Protections Get Boost From FTC

Regulators are looking to make new rules that would govern how online data is gathered and stored. The Federal Trade Commission has begun the process of forming rules that could be even stricter than proposed legislation in Congress. WSJ reporter John D. McKinnon joins host Zoe Thomas to discuss what the potential new regulations could do and the blowback...

Samsung Sees Foldable as the Future. Will Customers?

Samsung sees foldable technology as the next step for improving our smart devices and has been leading the charge with its Galaxy Z Flip and Z Fold. But more competitors are coming, and steep price tags could be out of many customers' budgets. WSJ personal tech reporter Dalvin Brown joins host Zoe Thomas to discuss why smartphone makers see foldables...

Tech Hiring Slowdown: What’s Different This Time?

The tech sector’s hiring spree seems to be coming to a close. Rising inflation and slowing demand for tech products are leading some companies to announce layoffs or pauses in hiring. But is this a sign of impending doom or just a rebalancing? Saydeah Howard, partner and chief talent officer for venture-capital firm IVP, joins host Zoe Thomas to discuss....

Celsius Founder Left a Trail of Unhappy Colleagues and Investors

Celsius founder Alex Mashinsky grew his company to be one of the biggest crypto lenders. Now the company has filed for bankruptcy protection, and investors and clients are asking how this could have happened. This isn't the first time Mashinsky has taken a moonshot idea and ended up creating a trail of unhappy friends, colleagues and investors. WSJ...

More of China’s Social-Media Users Head to Under-the-Radar Platforms

To avoid harassment and greater oversight on social-media platforms, some users in China are leaving the country's dominant sites for under-the-radar options. WSJ China technology reporter Shen Lu joins host Zoe Thomas to discuss what led them to this point and where they are moving. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

Big Tech’s Western Values Help It Find Allies Abroad

Often short on friends at home, big U.S. tech companies are finding their size and commitment to openness are viewed favorably in other parts of the world. WSJ Chief Economics Commentator Greg Ip joins host Zoe Thomas to discuss how this dichotomy arose and what it could mean for combating the influence of China and Russia. Learn more about your ad...

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