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All Eyes on Jerome Powell

A.M. Edition for Jan. 26. Market volatility may reach a fever pitch today when Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell briefs the press on the central bank's rate-hike plans. WSJ's Greg Ip previews that announcement and discusses the state of the global economy ahead of this week's crucial U.S. GDP reading. Luke Vargas hosts. Learn more about your ad...

How the Meme Stock Rally Changed the Investment Landscape

P.M. Edition for Jan. 25. It’s been one year since trading in meme stocks took shares of companies like GameStop and AMC to new heights. It also brought a new wave of retail investors into the market. How has that changed the face of investing? And how are regulators responding? WSJ senior writer Justin Baer joins host Annmarie Fertoli to discuss. Learn...

How Far Will the U.S. Go to Defend Ukraine?

A.M. Edition for Jan. 25. Up to 8,500 U.S. troops are now on standby for a possible deployment to Eastern Europe amid fears of a Russian invasion of Ukraine. WSJ's Michael Gordon explains what the U.S. is and isn't willing to do to defend its non-NATO partner, and how Russian President Vladimir Putin is likely to respond to Washington's deterrence strategy....

Wall Street's Roller-Coaster Ride: What Comes Next?

P.M. Edition for Jan. 24. U.S. stocks started the week with steep declines in early trading on Monday, before recouping those losses and even ending the day with gains. It’s the latest in what has been a volatile start to the new year. WSJ financial editor Charles Forelle joins host Annmarie Fertoli to discuss what is roiling markets. Learn more about...

A Year Later, Reddit's WallStreetBets Isn't the Same

A.M. Edition for Jan. 24. A year ago, the Reddit forum WallStreetBets helped power the meme stock craze that sent AMC and GameStop soaring. Now, as those stocks struggle, the community that once boosted them is splintering. WSJ's Caitlin McCabe details WSB's past, present, and the legacy it's already left on the market. Luke Vargas hosts. Learn more...

Why the SPAC Craze Is Slowing Down

P.M. Edition for Jan. 21. Investment in blank-check companies, or SPACs, soared during the pandemic, with hundreds of startups piling into the craze. But now the frenzy is slowing, and some investors are starting to pull out of deals. Markets reporter Amrith Ramkumar joins host Annmarie Fertoli to discuss why interest in SPACs is sinking. Learn more...

Intel Pours Billions Into U.S. Chip Production

A.M. Edition for Jan. 21. Intel plans to invest $20 billion to build a new chip-production facility in Ohio amid continuing global shortages. Plus, as the effects of climate change intensify, some insurers are backing out of high-risk markets. WSJ's Leslie Scism explains how this is raising questions about whose role it is to protect consumers. Luke...

Where Do Voting Reform Efforts Go From Here?

P.M. Edition for Jan. 20. President Biden and Democrats have called voting access a top priority. But after the Senate blocked a sweeping elections bill, what comes next? WSJ politics reporter Eliza Collins joins host Annmarie Fertoli to discuss. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

Assessing Biden's Year One Scorecard

A.M. Edition for Jan. 20. A year into his term in office, President Biden faces gathering headwinds, from rising inflation to sagging poll numbers and hardening opposition in Congress. WSJ's Catherine Lucey joins us to recap Biden's biggest wins and most bitter disappointments. Luke Vargas hosts. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

Why the 5G Rollout Is Raising Concerns Among Aviation Regulators

P.M. Edition for Jan. 19. AT&T and Verizon began rolling out 5G wireless technology on Wednesday, after agreeing to postpone the service's launch near certain airports. WSJ telecommunications reporter Drew FitzGerald joins host Annmarie Fertoli to discuss the debate over 5G's safety. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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