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Concrete Genie - Game Cinematic

Concrete Genie follows the heartwarming journey of a bullied teen named Ash, who escapes his troubles by bringing his colorful imagination to life in his sketchbook. Ash discovers a mysterious lighthouse, where he finds a magical paintbrush charged with ‘Living Paint’ capable of creating magnificent masterpieces that can purify Denska’s polluted walls...


Film de première année 2019-2020 / Promo ASA 2022. Real : Théo Desharbes, Raoul Faure, Léa Monnot, Evelyne Peter Court-métrage de fin de première année réalisé en un mois à l'Atelier Supérieur d'Animation sous la tutelle d'Yukio Takatsu et Karim Bayadh "Calme et équilibre. Les deux termes résument parfaitement la doctrine du centre de maternité intégré...

SPACE MAN Special | Adult Swim SMALLS

I have come from all the way off in space. created by Dan Britt for Adult Swim SMALLS Dan BrittTags: adult swim, space, spaceman, animation, dan britt and comedy

Pelota - Khruangbin (Music Video)

Glassworks Creative Studio director Hugo Rodríguez Rodríguez commands all the colors of the rainbow in this dreamy companion to Khruangbin’s latest track. Pelota is the release single on the Texan trio’s new studio album Mordechai, but she is also a bundle of energy that bounces through the galaxy like a spirited ball. Produced in eight weeks with a...

Ghost Eye

Directed by Wouter Sel & Thijs De Cloedt Johnny Supro is a washed up taxi driver, tired with life and stuck in the underbelly of society. Wouter and Thijs paint a surreal and grim reality with little place for hope, driving their main character into insanity.Tags: animation, dirty realism, cel animation, short, 2D, shortfilm, animated short,...

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