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How to Get Ideas for Writing (15 Simple Tips)

Do you want to learn how to find topics to write about? Do you ever sit down to write a blog post, article or chapter,  and nothing, but nothing appears in your mind? This is the dreaded writer’s block. The good news is that if you use the following 15 tips, you will generate more […]

What Genre Is My Book? (4 Simple & Easy Ways To Choose!)

Of all the questions to ask as an author, have you ever found yourself pondering “what genre is my book”? Maybe you want to sell to a traditional publisher through an agent. Or would you rather sell directly to readers through self-publishing? No matter which route you choose, your ability to pick the right genre […]

How to Start Writing (4 Simple Steps)

The action of actually writing, putting your fingers over the keyboard and typing, or grabbing that pen and putting words down on paper, is only part of what it means to be a writer.  Writing is staring out the window, lost in thought.  Writing is experiencing life, and noticing the details.  Writing is people-watching.  Taking […]

How to Write Fight Scenes : 10 Potent Tips

Ah, fight scenes. Unless you’re writing a particularly tame story, it’s almost certain that you’re going to have some sort of fight scene in your story (or at least a particularly action-packed one). This might be super exciting, or it might fill you with dread—-for me, it’s the latter, so I get it.  Fight scenes […]

How to Write an Op-Ed (And Get It Accepted)

Ready to learn how to write an op-ed? If you have something important to say on your blog on any  hot or controversial topic, one of the best ways to gain credible visibility and recognition for your ideas is to develop a strongly focused opinion piece, known in the newspaper trade as an “op-ed.” Easier […]

How to Start a Blog Post: 10 Ways to Write An Irresistible Intro

Imagine you’ve been invited to a party where you don’t know anyone. You’ve come through the door, grab a drink, and stand there feeling like a pony with five legs. Nobody seems to pay any attention to you. After a while, you start sidling to the door in order to escape. Or maybe you tough […]

75 Dialogue Prompts for Writers

In this article, we’re talking dialogue prompts. We’ll cover what they are, what the pros and cons are to starting off your story with a juicy line of dialogue, and we’ll hit you with a list of 75 dialogue prompts to get you started on your next story.  Ready? Let’s go!  What is a Dialogue […]

9 Writing Challenges to Inspire Your Craft

Writing can get kind of lonely sometimes.  Not only that, but it can get stale. Sometimes we fall into a formula when we write books, or we can’t get ourselves past the first few chapters of an idea, or we’re stuck in the dreaded middle section of our novel for what feels like forever. It […]

How to Fix Passive Voice (7 Examples)

 If you’ve spent any amount of time in writerly circles or gone searching for writerly advice, you’ve probably run into this advice: don’t use passive voice! Use active voice instead.  But what does this mean? Is this rule absolute, or is there some leeway? And most importantly, how can we identify passive voice in our […]

How to Create a Winning Writing Portfolio

You’re here because you write. You write because you love words. You love combining them to create sentences. You love writing for yourself, and you love writing for others. And now you have quite a bit of writing. You’ve put in the work. You have your writing samples.  And now you wonder what to do […]

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