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Newfangled Audio Recirculate – More Than A Delay Plugin

Newfangled Audio, created by Dan Gillespie, has entered the spatial effects market with Recirculate. Could they have finally cracked the code for the perfect delay workflow? Delay is one of the most powerful tools in any producer’s arsenal. When a sound needs a new spark or ambiance, one quick solution is always loading up your favorite delay...

Sat Feb 24, 2024 23:06
OFFAIAH Releases ‘Headspace’

OFFAIAH returns with a new remix of Mistier’s track ‘Headspace’ via Mistier Music. OFFAIAH, the British DJ and producer, has unveiled a dance remix of Mistier's 'Headspace', distributed via Mistier Music. This release adds to OFFAIAH's body of work and highlights his continuing impact on electronic music. OFFAIAH's musical journey began...

Sat Feb 24, 2024 00:18
Excite and Resonate: A History of Physical Modelling Synthesis

Once a niche form of synthesis, physical modelling is now growing in popularity, offering both highly realistic - and wildly novel - results. The history of sound synthesis has two, opposing parts: the strive towards realism and the drive to create other-worldly and never-before-heard sounds. Analogue synthesis kicked things off with Bob Moog...

Fri Feb 23, 2024 14:25
IK Multimedia Releases ARC Studio Hardware

Made in Italy, ARC Studio is a unique out-of-the-box hardware acoustic room correction system. All top studios include active room correction these days, as it vastly enhances the performance of the room and the monitors to ensure efficient accuracy. ARC Studio is the latest product to enter the market and is designed to "massively...

Thu Feb 22, 2024 22:33
 Blomfelt – ‘i’m interested in apathy’

Blomfelt takes us through his album 'i'm interested in apathy'. Beyond the music, Blomfelt also co-founded Resolution, a production team and a research collective delving into audiovisual music and intricate soundscapes through surround sound diffusions and multichannel visual setups. The group has hosted everything from acousmatic...

Thu Feb 22, 2024 13:41
Using PlayStation Impulse Responses With FabFilter Pro-R 2

From Call of Duty to Fifa, PlayStation has been a staple in most of our lives for 30 years. But it's not just the games that are great; the Impulse Responses are also great. Let's put them to work by importing them into FabFilter Pro-R 2 and using them in a techno track. Upon its original release back in 1994, the PS one was a groundbreaking...

Tue Feb 20, 2024 01:36

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