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Tested: 2021 Lexus ES250 AWD Gets in Touch with Its Inner Camry

All-wheel drive brings a mandatory four-cylinder engine to the Lexus ES sedan, and with it a reminder of less-expensive Toyota alternatives.

View Photos of the 2021 Lexus ES250 AWD F Sport

The mellow Lexus ES sedan gets even mellower with a new all-wheel-drive option.

Small Business Auto Insurance: Everything You Need to Know

Small business auto insurance is a necessity if you use work vehicles for your operations. Learn about the different types of coverage and how the price is calculated.

How To Save on Teenage Car Insurance: What You Need To Know

Car insurance for young, inexperienced drivers isn't cheap, and for good reason. Teenage drivers between the ages of 16 and 19 are more likely to be involved in accidents than any other age group, as stated by Webb Insurance.

What Is the Best Car Insurance for College Graduates?

According to, college graduates pay an average of $1955 per year or $163 per month for auto insurance. However, insurance providers might offer discounts depending on the type of vehicle you own and your age and driving record.

What Is Temporary Car Insurance in California?

Whether you're looking for annual or temporary car insurance in California, it's important to do comparison shopping before you buy.

Coupe vs. Sedan Insurance: Everything You Need To Know

When purchasing a new vehicle, it's important to think about the price of insuring it. How much you pay for your monthly car insurance premium will depend on several factors. One of the main things insurance companies consider is the type of vehicle you drive.

How Much Is Sports Car Insurance: What You Need To Know

When you purchase a sports car, just like when you purchase a sedan or a truck, you'll need to acquire an insurance policy that provides the coverage you need to protect you and your vehicle.

Car Insurance Seattle, Washington: Everything You Need to Know

Finding the best car insurance in Seattle, Washington, can be difficult, considering you have so many insurers to choose from. Nevertheless, getting the right policy is worth your time and effort because it provides protection from losses you might incur as a result of an unexpected accident.

Can a 17-Year-Old Get Their Own Car Insurance?

As your teenager approaches the age when he or she can start driving, you might have questions about car insurance. While 16 is the age at which many teenagers can get their driver's license, they often don't start driving or get a car until they reach the age of 17.

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