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The Tech and Training behind Why F1 Racer Grosjean Is Alive Today

The details of the FIA investigation into Romain Grosjean’s fiery F1 crash in Bahrain show how racing miracles happen.

How (and Why) Mercedes Transforms its S-Class and GLS into Maybachs

The top of the Mercedes line is already awfully nice. We talked to the people charged with making awfully nice into something even better.

This Week in Cars: a More-Powerful Mach-E, a Nürburgring Champ, and Bronco Delayed

Our trip through the week's stories, including the Mach-E GT, the torquiest truck on the market, and the November sales report.

Aptera Taking Orders for EV That It Claims Never Needs Charging

On this electric car, they say, solar panels can generate 40 miles of range per day. Which means that next year, you might be able to buy a plug-in that doesn't need to be plugged in.

2021 Ford Bronco Delayed, Not Coming until Next Summer

It's because of coronavirus-related supplier issues, and the Sasquatch off-road package with the manual transmission won't arrive until 2022.

Best Gifts for People Who Hang Out in the Garage

The most appreciated presents are those that speak to a person's favorite ways to spend time, and for a lot of us, that means something for the garage.

Volvo's Electric Semi Truck with 150 Miles of Range Coming in 2021

The regional hauler for very small regions may not have much range between charges, but it will have a whopping 264.0-kWh battery pack.

Cheap Cars for Teens: Window Shop with Car and Driver

We search for a reliable, safe, and affordable car for our managing editor's kids.

Watch Nissan's Design Boss on Road & Track's 'Inside Track' Series

Alfonso Albaisa talks live about the retro-inspired Nissan Z Proto and the future of automotive design.

Tested: 2020 Ford Transit 350 Continues to Outpace Its Rivals

All-wheel drive, a new transmission, and a new Crew trim make the Transit even more capable than before.

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