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Mexican Picadillo

A Mexican style picadillo with beef, chilies and potatoes that’s super easy to make and perfect to enjoy with rice, in tortillas, tacos, etc. Picadillo is a traditional dish in many Latin American countries with different versions in different regions and this one is in the style of Mexican picadillo. This is a pretty simple,... Read On → The post...

Thu Jun 20, 2024 13:19
Chicken Barbacoa Tacos

Barbacoa seasoned chicken tacos with guacamole, salsa verde, onions, and cilantro. Chicken Barbacoa Tacos Prep Time: 10 minutes Cook Time: 5 minutes Total Time: 15 minutes Servings: 4 Barbacoa seasoned chicken tacos with guacamole, salsa verde, onions, and cilantro. Print Recipe ingredients 12 small corn tortillas, warmed 1 pound chicken barbacoa...

Mon Jun 17, 2024 14:23
Slow Cooker Chicken Barbacoa

Easy slow cooker shredded chicken with the flavours of barbacoa! Slowly braised beef barbacoa is one of my favourites and one day I was thinking: I wonder if it would work if you take all of the seasoning of beef barbacoa and simply throw them into a slow cooker with some chicken? I had to... Read On → The post Slow Cooker Chicken Barbacoa appeared...

Mon Jun 17, 2024 13:23
Skillet Chicken Enchiladas Nachos

Chicken enchilada style filling served reverse nacho style with the tortilla chips on top, covered with melted cheese. This is a fun meal where a chicken enchilada style filling is cooked in a skillet and tortilla chips are inserted into the top, before sprinkling on cheese and melting it. It’s kind of like nachos on... Read On → The post Skillet...

Mon Jun 10, 2024 15:01
Chili Cheese Sloppy Joes

Cheesy chili served in sloppy joe style sandwiches! Sloppy joe’s are sandwiches filled with ground beef in a tasty sauce that’s family friendly and fun, if a little messy. It’s so easy to change up the flavours of sloppy joe style sandwiches and this is a simple version with a cheesy beef and bean chili... Read On → The post Chili Cheese Sloppy...

Mon Jun 10, 2024 13:02
20 Minute Skillet Beef Shawarma

A quick and easy skillet ground beef with all of the flavours of beef shawarma. Shawarma is one of my favourites and this is a super simple ground beef version that can be made in a skillet in less than 20 minutes. Making your own authentic style shawarma can take a bit of time so... Read On → The post 20 Minute Skillet Beef Shawarma appeared first...

Thu Jun 6, 2024 13:26

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