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You Season 3 review: There's something compelling about toxic people doing toxic things - CNET

No matter how reprehensible these characters are, you can't look away.

Kitchen shears are the underrated tool you forgot you own. Here's why - CNET

Multipurpose kitchen shears do more grunt work and odd jobs than any other gadget. Saddle yourself with a great pair, pronto.

Super73 RX: Top-tier e-bike can tackle any roads - Roadshow

High performance and a very comfortable ride.

Instagram internal documents reveal fear of losing teens, report says - CNET

Amid heightened concern over Instagram's effect on teenagers' mental health, a new report looks at the teen-focused marketing efforts of the Facebook-owned site.

Shazam: Fury of the Gods goes bigger in first footage at DC Fandome - CNET

Zachary Levi takes on Helen Mirren and Lucy Liu with a first look at the Shazam sequel.

New trailer for The Batman reveals super-intense Robert Pattinson action - CNET

From DC Fandome: Pattinson's Batman strides from the flames of Gotham in the latest teaser for this 2022 action film.

New Gotham Knights trailer reveals the sinister Court of Owls - CNET

Gotham Knight's latest trailer lands during DC Fandome. It shows off the deadly Talon forces, and how the Bat Family will face them.

Superman swaps 'American way' for 'a better tomorrow' in new motto - CNET

Truth, justice and a better tomorrow.

The Flash trailer teases Michael Keaton's Batman (and Batmobile) at DC Fandome - CNET

Keaton and Ben Affleck are caped crusaders in Ezra Miller's speedy solo adventure.

New Suicide Squad video game trailer shows how the villains will fight Superman - CNET

DC Fandome shared a peek at the upcoming Suicide Squad game, set for release in 2022 for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X.

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