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Mini refreshes the Cooper JCW hardtop and convertible for 2022 - Roadshow

Both models get a new face, tweaked suspension and more optional equipment.

Mini Cooper Hardtop JCW gets refreshed for 2022 - Roadshow

With a new nose and updated suspension, it still holds its crown as the sportiest normal production Mini.

2022 Mini Cooper Convertible JCW adds a Union Jack to its roof - Roadshow

Thankfully, it's optional.

Mortal Kombat review: Glorious action and fatalities, but shallow characters - CNET

The movie reboot will satisfy fans looking for gory cinematic battles, not those hoping for a deep dive into the game series' rich history.

Man's heart attack inspires list of 'what near-death has taught me' - CNET

"I'm not spending all day on Zoom anymore," vows London program manager Jonathan Frostick, and many followers are with him.

Google Doodle celebrates the Spanish letter Ñ - CNET

The eñe holds a special place in the Spanish language and heritage.

Facebook is gathering feedback to improve News Feed - CNET

The company says people have expressed a desire to see less political content and more uplifting content.

Every new movie and show on Netflix: May 2021 - CNET

Lucifer, Master of None, Castlevania and more!

Cleanup in the Dyson aisle: Save up to $120 on vacuums and fans - CNET

For a limited time, there's a sale on vacuums like the Dyson V7, V8 and V10 as well as a combo Dyson fan and heater.

Tesla crash prompts senators to push for new safety recommendations - Roadshow

Sens. Richard Blumenthal and Ed Markey urge NHTSA to work on new guidelines for driver-assist systems.

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