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Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero teaser reveals full movie title, confirms 2022 release - CNET

We also get a peek at some new characters and changed visual aesthetics.

Facebook rolls out cloud games on Apple devices through a web app - CNET

The social network also criticizes Apple's cloud gaming policy again.

Tesla Model S steering yoke is mandatory, says Musk - Roadshow

The highly polarizing and kind of dumb steering setup on the recently redone Model S is all you get.

Fans take a swing at Cleveland Indians changing name to Cleveland Guardians - CNET

"Yup, we named our team after bridge statues," said one Twitter user.

RS Q E-Tron: Audi's Dakar-bound dirt devil gets tested - Roadshow

This hybrid off-roader features an electrified powertrain that's good for about 670 horsepower.

Lotus partners with audio manufacturer KEF on Emira sound system - Roadshow

This is the well-known high-end audio company's first crack at designing a car stereo.

Teen on Blue Origin flight told Bezos he's never ordered off Amazon - CNET

Oliver Daemen told Reuters about his confession to the e-commerce giant's founder.

Ancient Roman road discovered in Venice lagoon - CNET

New research suggests that even before the discovery of Venice in the fifth century, extensive Roman settlements could've been present in the Venice lagoon.

Bugatti Divo ends production with final, one-off example - Roadshow

The 40th and last example of the $6 million hypercar is currently being delivered to its owner.

Facebook's Oculus Quest 2 is experimenting with blending VR and the real world - CNET

Facebook's AR glasses are still not a reality yet, but the Oculus Quest 2 could be the stepping-stone

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