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Tesla Vehicle Deliveries Down as COVID Hurts Production - CNET

Deliveries drop by 18% from the previous quarter.

The Best Desks: According to the CNET Staff Who Use Them - CNET

When you sit at your desk for at least 40 hours a week you get to know everything about it. We show you our desks and why we love them.

The Most Unexpected Things on Disney's Newest Cruise Ship, the Wish - CNET

A bayou, an ice chamber, movie premieres and a hair salon that'll make you feel like Rapunzel.

No, That Android App Doesn't Need Access to Your Camera. How to Stop It - CNET

Some apps ask for invasive permissions they don't need. Here's how to set app permissions on your Android device.

9 Great Reads From CNET This Week: iPhone at 15, NFTs, Privacy Post-Roe and More - CNET

How the iPhone burst onto the scene and where it's going from here. Plus: Enduring NFT enthusiasm amid a crypto crash, the data privacy concerns around period-tracking apps, and lots else besides.

Crypto Crash Rattles Cybercriminals, Pushing Them Beyond Ransomware - CNET

Some cybercriminals are recalculating their ransoms and moving into new scams.

Magna LitGate Turns a Car's Body Into Lighting - CNET

Molded into the tailgate is embedded lighting tech that could roll out in a couple of years.

2022 BMW M3: So Keen for Bright Green - CNET

BMW's performance sedan looks awesome in a good color.

This Travel Power Adapter Makes Life So Much Easier for First-Time Travelers - CNET

Epicka's little universal adapter can charge six devices at once -- and it can fit in your hand luggage.

Netflix Review: Still the Best Streaming Service - CNET

With its steady flow of originals like Stranger Things, kids content and new and old films and shows, the service is top-tier.

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