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WhatsApp’s new look leans into the green

It’s been a rocky few months in the world of tech. Post-pandemic boom, share prices dropped sharply for Amazon, Alphabet and Apple this week, after they posted disappointing financial results. Last month also saw Google’s parent company cut 12,000 jobs and Amazon make 18,000 redundancies. Despite delivering better than expected results, Meta hasn’t...

Levi’s campaign toasts 150 years of 501s

There are few brands that have reached icon status, but Levi’s has to be one of them. To mark 150 years since introducing its most beloved cut of jeans, the 501s, the brand has launched a campaign orchestrated by Droga5 that emphasises its cultural legacy – not just in its US birthplace, but around the world. The campaign, named The Greatest Story Ever...

The making of Young Fathers’ visceral album art

The Scottish band's new album, Heavy Heavy, comes with supercharged imagery that's all about letting go. We speak to the band members and collaborator Tom Hingston about how they created the visuals for the record

Is branded content still the future of advertising?

Observatory CCO Linda Knight discusses why people won’t tolerate annoying ads anymore, and how a content-led approach can help brands of all shapes and sizes resonate in popular culture

Colour Clash rips up the colour theory rule book

The book, published by Counter-Print, boldly explores the ‘no-go’ colour combinations in graphic design and the designers choosing to break with convention

Loewe launches Studio Ghibli collab with playful digital experience

Luxury fashion house Loewe is launching the final chapter of its Studio Ghibli collaboration with a spotlight on Howl’s Moving Castle. The classic anime directed by Hayao Miyazaki follows the story of Sophie, a teenager who’s transformed into an elderly woman by the Witch of Waste, and her quest to break the spell. The Spanish fashion label has launched...

New ad raises awareness of the challenges of working with cancer

Campaigning around cancer has taken many forms, though most advertising tends to focus on the impact that a diagnosis and treatment can have on an individual or on family life. This new spot treads a different path by looking at the way that cancer can affect working life. It is part of a new initiative, Working with Cancer, launched by Arthur Sadoun,...

Vintage’s Love Poems are an illustrated ode to romance

Three illustrators were commissioned to reimagine works ranging from a set of thousand-year-old Japanese love poems through to Shakespeare’s heartbreaking sonnets. We look at how the series came to life

Matt Williams on making a career change

Previously a footwear designer, Williams made the shift into illustration four years ago and is now working for clients including Nike and Vogue. He talks about the challenges he's faced and the changes he’d like to see in the industry

How the metaverse could transform brand engagement


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