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Fatal Tesla crash in Texas appeared to have no driver

A Tesla Model S vehicle that crashed in Texas on Saturday, killing both occupants, appeared to have no one behind the wheel.

New Horizons is now 50 times as far from the sun as Earth

A NASA probe which was the first spacecraft to explore Pluto is continuing its journey into the solar system, where it is now almost 5 billion miles from home.

How to watch SpaceX launch four astronauts on a journey to the ISS this week

NASA and SpaceX will once again be working together to launch four astronauts to the International Space Station. We've got the details on how to watch.

Mind-bending MIT project uses lasers to generate music from spiderwebs

In perhaps one of the most far-out uses of technology to date, an MIT engineer used lasers to make music based on the vibrational patterns of spiderwebs.

7 things you didn’t know Alexa could do on an Amazon Echo smart speaker

Your Amazon Alexa smart speaker is jam-packed with features, many of which are lesser-known but incredibly useful.

FitBit has an unbelievable smartwatch deal today – Inspire, Charge, Versa

Take advantage of FitBit's discounts for the Inspire 2, Charge 4, and Versa 3 that lower their prices to $70, $100, and $180, respectively.

Acer Aspire 5 (2021) review: Not easy on the eyes

It's slow, and has mediocre battery life and the worst display I've ever tested.

First test flight of Mars helicopter Ingenuity set for tomorrow

NASA's tiny helicopter Ingenuity arrived on Mars along with Perseverance, and after a small issue and some tweaks, it's ready for its first test flight.

LAST CHANCE: Tune in to Watch Jake Paul vs Ben Askren Now

Jake Paul and Ben Askren are still yet to enter the ring for their much-anticipated bout at Triller Fight Club, meaning there’s still time to buy the PPV to tune into the Jake Paul vs Ben Askren live stream. This event is coming courtesy of Triller Fight Club, a new promotion started by the popular […]

No, there isn’t a free Jake Paul vs. Ben Askren live stream

There's no free Jake Paul vs Ben Askren live stream but it's still simple to watch the match live at home thanks to

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