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Apple AR headset reportedly delayed after being a no-show at WWDC

After being a no-show at WWDC, Apple's AR headset is reportedly delayed till the second quarter of 2022.

Everything HTC announced at ViveCon 2021: Vive Focus 3 and Vive Pro 2

HTC's ViveCon 2021 conference is all about the company's endeavors in the virtual reality space. HTC announced the Vive Focus 3 and Vive Pro 2.

How to watch HTC’s ViveCon, the ‘most important VR event of the year’

HTC is expected to debut two new virtual reality headsets at ViveCon 2021, and we'll show you how to watch the keynote live!

Two new ‘game-changing’ VR headsets could arrive at HTC’s ViveCon next week

HTC has its eyes squarely set on the enterprise VR market when ViveCon begins next week. The company is expected to debut two game-changing VR headsets.

Apple mixed-reality headset will reportedly launch in ‘the next several months’

Apple’s mixed-reality headset could be announced within the next few months, finally giving us a glimpse of the much-rumored product before the year is out.

Apple mixed-reality headset: Everything we know about Apple’s VR headset

Apple is working on a mixed-reality headset, but what should you expect from it? We have all the news, rumors, features, and more to keep you informed.

Now you can chat with music legends from the comfort of your couch

A new kind of virtual experience has the potential to revolutionize how music stars and other famous folks interact with their fans.

Apple’s mixed reality headset could be half the weight of other headsets

According to a new report, Apple’s rumored mixed-reality headset could have an incredibly low weight compared to rivals, potentially giving it a huge advantage.

Pokémon Go Creators Announce Pikmin Augmented-reality Game

Following their huge success with Pokémon Go, Nintendo and Niantic have finally gotten around to collaborating on another augmented-reality game.

The best gun controllers for PC games

With the right gun controller you can enable more realistic play with VR games and other accessories. Here are the best for a variety of PC setups and more!

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