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Hong Kong’s biggest IPO of 2024 flops

Shares of Chinese bubble tea chain ChaPanda drop as much as 38% on first day of trading

Tue Apr 23, 2024 10:33
TikTok fortune of billionaire Republican donor Jeff Yass threatened by Washington

Investor’s Susquehanna International Group owns estimated $40bn stake in parent company ByteDance as app faces potential ban

Tue Apr 23, 2024 08:33
China’s ageing tech workers hit by ‘curse of 35’

Discrimination against older employees particularly apparent in sector where executives openly state preference for youth

Tue Apr 23, 2024 07:20
Slow train to Penang: the return of the Eastern & Oriental Express

After a four-year hiatus the lavish hotel-train is back, on a new route through the jungles of Malaysia

Tue Apr 23, 2024 07:20
EU companies grapple with expiry of Russia sanctions carve-out

Europe-based multinationals will no longer be able to offer professional services to Russian subsidiaries from June

Tue Apr 23, 2024 07:20
Hungary’s Viktor Orbán battles to shut down former ally turned rival

Péter Magyar is seen as such a threat that the PM has deployed the government’s full firepower against him

Tue Apr 23, 2024 07:20

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