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UK foreign secretary calls on allies to curb rise of Russia and China

Liz Truss urges liberal governments to ‘face down global aggressors’

Jack Ma’s Ant Group implicated in corruption scandal by Chinese media

Documentary on state broadcaster CCTV adds to pressure on billionaire’s internet empire

US wades into spat between China and Lithuania over Taiwanese office

Diplomats suggest renaming de facto embassy in Vilnius to ease Chinese pressure on Baltic state

Kingdom of Characters — when China got lost in transliteration

Jing Tsu’s fascinating history reveals how traditional Chinese script was a hindrance to progress in an age of globalisation

China needs a new growth model, but that requires serious reform

The government must clearly define its role in the economy and financial markets

Evergrande offshore bondholders warn of legal action over lack of engagement

Investors complain of ‘opaque decision-making’ at heavily indebted Chinese property group

European and Asian stocks rise after China cuts lending rates

Moves follow swings on Wall Street overnight, with the Nasdaq Composite closing in correction territory

China cuts mortgage lending rate for first time in two years

Beijing introduces measure amid property sector liquidity crisis and consumption slowdown

Singapore’s largest ETFs to be excluded from China connect scheme

Focus will initially be on equities ETFs, rather than the popular Asia high yield and Reit products

Kazakhstan crisis challenges Beijing’s reticence to interfere abroad

China’s growing influence in the world is making it more difficult to simply step aside

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