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Chinese hackers kept up hiring drive despite FBI indictment

Beijing-backed groups sought to recruit with job adverts from front companies that disguise nature of work

Hong Kong’s mid-life existential crisis

The city’s distinct character risks being crushed by Beijing’s zeal for control

Metaverse dating app popular with young people in China vies for HK listing

Tencent-backed social media app Soul uses avatars instead of pictures and connects people using algorithms

Xi Jinping marks Hong Kong handover with call for ‘patriots’ to bring order

Chinese president says territory can maintain capitalist system but warns against challenging Beijing

Hong Kong's future as Asia's financial centre | FT Film

The city's reputation has been shaken by a political crackdown, protests and a policy of zero-Covid

The ‘quislings’ who helped Beijing crush Hong Kong’s pro-democracy campaign

China has rewarded some of the local politicians and officials who have abetted its campaign

Central banks look to China’s renminbi to diversify foreign currency reserves

Dollar’s dominance could gradually decline as a result of geopolitical flare-ups, UBS survey shows

How much further can coal go?

Supply constraints and growing demand mean this year’s record high coal prices might be just the start.

China coal: fat margins for producers as green energy movement goes on pause

The rest of the world’s aversion to buying Russian coal just means plentiful, cheaper sales for China

We must stop sleepwalking towards a surveillance state

Biometric technology is valuable for medical research but can also have malign uses

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