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How Call Of Duty Warzone Is Constantly Evolving

Call of Duty Warzone devs join us to talk about the creation of new modes and content, tease what's in store for the future, and give a little insight on how they handle player toxicity and cheating.

How Shadowlands Brings New Ideas To World Of Warcraft

Kurt Indovina talks with World of Warcraft Lead Game Designer Morgan Day on what's coming in the latest expansion, Shadowlands.

Metamorphosis Is A Surreal Fantasy About Being A Bug And Getting A Job

Franz Kafka's The Metamorphosis finds its main character, Gregor Samsa, waking up one morning, suddenly and inexplicably transformed into a giant insect. It's an utterly bizarre premise for a novel that evolves into a tragic story, but as the inspiration for developer Ovid Works' Metamorphosis, Gregor's transformation provides an opportunity to explore...

Street Fighter The Movie: 29 Easter Eggs, References, And Things You Didn't Know

There are so many video game movies in the world. And honestly, a lot of them are bad. Some of them, though, are so bad that they're kind of amazing. This is the case with Street Fighter: The Movie.Make no mistake, this is a bad, sometimes dumb, and often-times cheap-looking film. However, it's also an absurd amount of fun to watch, especially due to...

Monster Hunter Movie Reportedly Delayed To 2021

The Monster Hunter movie has been delayed from September 4 to April 23, 2021, according to Deadline. No official reason has been given by Sony, however it is most likely tied to the on-going COVID-19 pandemic.Monster Hunter is directed by Paul W.S. Anderson and stars Milla Jovovich, both known for the Resident Evil film franchise, with the most recent...

Paranormal Activity On Netflix: 10 Things You Didn’t Know About The Found Footage Horror Hit

While 1999's Blair Witch Project was the movie that kickstarted the found footage horror craze of the 2000s, it's Paranormal Activity, released a decade later, that has proved to be the subgenre's biggest longterm success. While Blair Witch remains a horror classic, it proved to be a one-off in terms of popularity, and the initial sequel and the more...

Ghost Recon Breakpoint Update Introduces Gunsmith Changes, Full Patch Notes Detailed

Ahead of Ubisoft Forward, the studio has rolled out an update for Ghost Recon: Breakpoint. Title Update 2.1.0 is now available on PC, PlayStation 4, Stadia, and Xbox One, and it makes a number of tweaks to the third-person shooter's guns. The full patch notes have been outlined below.The biggest change to Ghost Recon: Breakpoint's weapons with TU 2.1.0...

Fortnite Players Have Built A Competitive SOCOM League Within The Game

Competitive communities are a dime a dozen, but you'd be surprised by how far some players go to keep their favorite games alive—even if it means recreating one game within another. Fans of SOCOM: US Navy Seals have recreated the shooter within Fortnite's creative mode and are running their own league."We have over 20 of the maps across the franchise...

Finally, Hasbro Is Making A Sentinel Toy Worthy Of Murdering All Your X-Men Figures

There is no greater threat to mutants in the world of X-Men comics than the Sentinel. This gigantic robot's main task is rounding up super-powered mutants in the Marvel Universe. Over the years, there have been plenty of Sentinel action figures, but none of them have truly captured the terrifying robots, until now.HasLab, Hasbro's crowdfunding project...

Death Stranding Collector's Edition Drops To $70

Death Stranding is just days away from releasing on PC, and after our Death Stranding PC hands-on preview, it looks like quite the impressive port. However, if you want to play the game on PS4--or you're already a big fan--you can snag the Death Stranding Collector's edition for only $70 on Amazon. It comes with free Prime shipping and arrives as early...

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