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7 Simple Strategies for Maximizing Customer Acquisition

The barrier to entry is lowering for many industries, and competition is growing on every corner. Amid so much noise, it’s becoming harder to perform customer acquisition efficiently. Fortunately, you’re not limited to just one marketing channel. There are many options for expanding your business, even if budget or time is short (or both!). Today, […]...

Tue May 21, 2024 19:36
8 Effective Customer Communication Skills for Your Small Business

When a customer has an issue, how you communicate can make the difference between them leaving a 5-star review or turning to your competitor. Customers come in all shapes and sizes: friendly and patient, interested and indifferent, angry and erratic, etc. So how can you make sure that no matter what the situation is, you get […] The post 8 Effective...

Tue May 14, 2024 19:41
How To Handle Customer Complaints Effectively (In 6 Steps)

Have you ever encountered a customer complaint that irreversibly damaged their relationship with your company?  Sometimes there’s nothing you can do to turn things around with an unhappy buyer. However, the above scenario can often be prevented, and in some cases a complaint can be turned into a positive experience that increases customer trust. Often,...

Thu May 9, 2024 21:29
The Customer Is Always Right: Or Are They?

If you cringe when you hear the phrase ‘the customer is always right’, you’re not alone. It’s a pillar of classic customer support philosophy, and there’s certainly a kernel of truth to it. At the same time, you’ll encounter plenty of customers who make you question this aphorism. Whether they’re aggressive, unreasonable, or have unrealistic […] The...

Tue May 7, 2024 19:24
How To Grow Your Business By Providing Strong Customer Value

When setting out your business strategy, it’s vital to avoid falling into the ‘churn-and-burn’ trap. This is when you focus on getting the customer’s money as soon as possible, and neglect to put enough effort into ensuring a high-quality product or service. While you probably wouldn’t do this on purpose, it’s easy to focus so much […] The post How...

Thu Apr 25, 2024 21:48
How To Provide Customer Support for Any Communication Style

Working with customers can be both fulfilling and demanding. One moment, you’re dealing with a buyer who is friendly, funny, and just needs a bit of help. The next, you have to solve a complex problem for an angry and demanding business owner. Each of those conversations will benefit from a different approach. Once your customer […] The post How To...

Tue Apr 23, 2024 19:58

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